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  1. Heneghan has just posted on his Instagram a picture of himself from a match v Rangers - looks likely he will be back.
  2. Och don't be so melodramatic, I don't think anyone is slating him but just have a bit of concern over how he has viewed the season as a piece. Do you agree with Craigan's assessment that we have been beaten by fine margins recently?
  3. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who thought Craigan's interview was worrying. We have been abysmal this season - and last. It's nothing to do with fine margins, being a yard or two short or whatever, we simply haven't been good enough and to try and sugarcoat it is baffling. That was a Baraclough interview 2.0.
  4. Let's not write this season off just yet. I hope we appoint with a long term view rather than simply 'until the end of the season'. It's still only September.
  5. According to @Agentscotland on Twitter, there has been 40+ applicants. Strachan has recommended Craigan as we are looking for someone who knows the club and league and can hit the ground running by all accounts.
  6. Aye of course but it was a let-off. The score could have been worse and Aberdeen came closer to adding to their tally than we did.
  7. Oh and let's not forget McGinn hit the post - could have been worse for us. Deserved nothing out of that match.
  8. I disagree. I thought we struggled to break them down at the back and there was hardly a plethora of clear cut chances which we created. Aberdeen's goals may have been soft but these are the kind of mistakes which we are making and you cannot afford to that if you want to find yourself higher up in the league. The only statistic which matters is the final score and conceding 6 goals in 3 matches with only one reply is highly concerning.
  9. The club have been bumping their gums about getting fans back to Fir Park this week to get behind the team and thats what they serve up to those who attended. Pathetic. Hummin'. We are done.
  10. Scott Burns ‏@ScottBurns75 4m4 minutes [email protected] being linked with moves to land @Only1Argyle pair Peter Hartley and Nathan Thomas before the close of the window. #plymouth Peter Hartley is another defender. Strange given the copious amounts we already have at the club.
  11. The manager and Mick will be in attendance. If Faddy hasn't signed by then we'll get some answers as to whats happening. EDIT: 1pm Press Conference tomorrow.

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