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  1. Perhaps many others that pay, would actually like a say in the running and if the "Elected/Appointed Board" fail to do so adequately then what's the solution ? Rebellion ?
  2. Motherwell FC - fan owned ? Yes ? If like most of the fan base, the majority of Well Society members are not happy with Alexander, lets put that "ownership" to the test, and push for his departure. Otherwise, why pay your subs ?
  3. 3-0 on agg to a LOI side. That is where we are Board of MFC. Wake up FFS
  4. How much lost in UEFA financials on the back of this ?
  5. Viking thru 2-1, not that it matters
  6. Summer football in Scotland perhaps. Let's face it, most euro countries on the same latitude as us have it.
  7. I do think we were ill-prepared. Mock the level of LOI game if we wish, but they are 20+ competitive games into their season while we've had a bounce game against a bunch of amateurs and a training camp stroll. Where's the preparation in that ?
  8. new Hunter Stand:- better toilets, more accessible kiosks and safe standing section for BOIS
  9. uncle showed me a crinkly old video of a 3-0 cup-tie vs Killie in mid 70's I think. Several moons ago, so I may be wrong. Pettigrew or Davidson hit the post and the other scored rebound, the Shed was packed and looked brilliant
  10. why oh why Hamdump ? Live on TV and Less than 12k will rattle around that tired midden. Had SFA any sense they'd take it to Tynecastle or Easter Road - get closer to a full house, a decent atmosphere and a better advert for the game on national tv Q. who lost to Dundee Utd in the other 1991 semi-final ? A. St Johnstone. Q. Where was it played ? A. East End Park, Dunfermline

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