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  1. new Hunter Stand:- better toilets, more accessible kiosks and safe standing section for BOIS
  2. uncle showed me a crinkly old video of a 3-0 cup-tie vs Killie in mid 70's I think. Several moons ago, so I may be wrong. Pettigrew or Davidson hit the post and the other scored rebound, the Shed was packed and looked brilliant
  3. why oh why Hamdump ? Live on TV and Less than 12k will rattle around that tired midden. Had SFA any sense they'd take it to Tynecastle or Easter Road - get closer to a full house, a decent atmosphere and a better advert for the game on national tv Q. who lost to Dundee Utd in the other 1991 semi-final ? A. St Johnstone. Q. Where was it played ? A. East End Park, Dunfermline
  4. Well done sir ------ you're not as daft as you look afterall
  5. Lord Tanamo

    Boycott ?

    My uncle introduced me to MFC. He was a diehard, went home and away for years, to Europe even the IoM tournament FFS, had an incredible collection of memorabilia and almost bled C & A. He warned me of this 4yrs ago when the happy clappers were so busy brown nosing McCall to see our demise in the distance. Gone now are all the programs, the match tickets, the framed prints, the scarves, the strips, the claret and amber wall in the garage, the autographed stuff, everything. He pays no attention now whatsoever, won't even be aware of our last result or who next game is against. That to me is terribly sad, and indicative of the current state of MFC. If a Boycott is what it takes to get rid of the Board Room imposters dragging MFC to oblivion then so beit. I'm in.
  6. Hope you all have good locks on your doors, keep the Bailiffs at bay when the WS goes tits up
  7. Another piss poor performance and yet another disgusting capitulation. Just switch off the lights, shut the gates and sell the seats to Bradford City, then everyone at FP go try find something they are good at - coz it aint running a football Club. Going down and deservedly so.
  8. Not just McGhee, there's a massive Bumper Buggar-Off Bananza required at FP. MFC is currently known as Motherwell Football Capitulators round these parts, and unless the Board Room is swept of its incompetent suits, the Coaching team exfoliated of its deadwood and the multitude of dross driven from the playing squad all those empty seats in the East Stand will simply multiply.
  9. The Club "tried" that, did they ?
  10. What have they tried ? From what I've seen, its my opinion the SPL is poor product. Am too young to compare. Lunch at home, go to pub, trudge to FP, pay £20 to get in, squeeze thru turnstyle, go for piss in stinking and flooded toilet, (probably have to Q and cant wash/dry hands), find a seat with a decent view, get told to sit down by steward, watch 45mins of misery listening to dogs abuse being hurled by fellow Dossers, queue for the toilet experience again, queue for an overpriced bovril and soggy pie, another 45mins of misery and more abuse hurling, then leave by exit gate and go to pub and/or home. Lots of potential to improve MDE; affordable lunch at FP, a better serviced bar and more fan friendly than Cooper currently offers, improved catering/toilet facilities, safe standing areas, better stewards + what SomethingElse says. Not rocket science. Agreed. Agreed.
  11. Lots of empty seats in middle 3 sections of East Stand compared to 5, 6 + years ago. My uncle, who got me into the Well over a decade ago, aint been in nearly 3yrs and he was a diehard all his life. Improve the product. Improve the matchday experience. Improve Fir Park, and ditch the "Thru Thick and Thin" pish. That might work.
  12. Best of the rest, only twice, (without a team from Ibrox in the mix which dilutes it), and one with a huge chunk of help from the Ref ---- so it aint that rosey afterall. As a learned Dosser said on FPC, we need to look at the bigger picture. Much needed income possibilities have been blown by McCall amidst some of the worst results in the Club's history. With the reported Poznan effect, losing to Stjarnan has probably cost us around 150,000. Albion Rovers made a similar amount after ousting us from the Cup. It's this loss of much needed income due to lack of preparation, tactical ineptness, player fitness, poor substitutions, etc., etc., etc., that is unacceptable. I don't mind losing to St Midden, Dutd, Killie, etc., they are in our League afterall, but being humbled by bottom tier Club sides and a bunch of Fisherman that dont see daylight for 2 months is embarrassing. It's 2014, not 1970, and if you lot of auld happy clappers are content to accept this then we might as well call in KPMG tomrrow.
  13. Short, to the point and absolutely SPOT ON. - though personally I would replace "Europe" with 'all cup competition'.
  14. Several Cups been there for the taking in last few years. This season. Celtic Aberdeen D Utd St Johnstone Caley Accies Killie,St Mirren, Motherwell, Thistle, Dundee, County to contest the Diddy end, with Killie going down.
  15. Where do we go from here ? 1 of 2 ways: keep SM, or replace McCall with someone who has a clue.

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