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  1. I forgot we got pumped in every game before reaching the final right enough aye. (Hammell was good against United as a midfielder as well)
  2. If you're forgetting that he played a significant part in our run to the Cup Final then that's your own fault tbh.
  3. Does anyone know if the ticket office is open tomorrow? ETA: It is not.
  4. I think to give first shout to individuals who are affected by this specific scenario, is the preferred method...
  5. From pals who work in the industry; aye. It's a frustration among folk that doesn't play out in the numbers. While individuals rightly complain about it, the numbers don't back it up for groups, hence why it's done.
  6. There was an article in the Herald about him the other week; https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/18156033.craig-tanner-bids-return-form-horror-injury-motherwell-threatened-end-career/ Not entirely clear why through it, but certainly no ill will on Tanner's side. I'd assume when he was signed he was on a hefty wage, and we'd reduced our offer on a new one dramatically, both in terms of money and length of contract. From his point of view as well, maybe best for him mentally just to be somewhere else for a while. Sounds like an absolutely miserable time for him over that period, so a fresh start probably best for all involved. From memory there was a suggestion that it was pretty significant. No quotes, but I'm pretty sure we were 'delighted' with what we'd negotiated. Confident we'll be getting the same % of sell on from that deal as we'll be getting from our Dom Thomas one.
  7. I don't think Murphy would pay people to lick his arsehole, so he'd immediately be more use than McCormack.
  8. Enjoy these vague posts enormously, get it telt.
  9. I'd also assume that Hastie, as with all deals we seem to do, featured a sell-on in it. Perhaps a lesser fee than we'd have received in a tribunal, but a greater income overall?
  10. "It was the first time I'd played at Ibrox, cos they weren't in the League.” God bless you, Lionel.
  11. I think you've probably answered your own question with your source, there. I'd be doubtful of it's veracity. Cool your jets on Hastie, I heard from a pal that it was resolved, and I imagine that'll be raised at the AGM. Cadden will be longer term with the jiggerypokery done by Columbus/Oxford/Cadden's agent, but I'd be very confident of getting something from it.
  12. Yes. Yes. Yes. Hope this assists, Kind regards.
  13. This is my bet for a Grimshaw goal, maybe not this weekend, but some time, followed by my head jettisoning from my shoulders and taking flight over the Lanarkshire sky.

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