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  1. Surly if Caddens development fee will be £600k (or there about) when his contract runs out, it wouldn't make sense for us to sell him for any less than this.
  2. If the budget for players was set out from the start, that wouldn't be an issue tho. Could be a deal breaker right enough. I listened to him on the big interview with Graham Hunter, I really liked what I heard... it just seems crazy he is without a club at the moment.
  3. Would love to see John Collins in, providing the whole club buy into his philosophy. He would certainly have us fit for next season!
  4. Probably one of the most intelligent decisions from a player that has left us.
  5. Don't think to can argue that the players stopped playing for him tho. That much was obvious
  6. Just my opinion mate. Simply my own personal speculation in the the events over the last couple of seasons.
  7. I'll admit that was too strong a word. But the point im trying to put across is that his 'couldnt care less' attitude spreads througout the team. I have no doubt that when he stops playing for the manager, all his mates in the team (almost every new signing included) follow. I could almost guarantee that's what happened with McCall and it's happened again now.
  8. Aye your right. It was. I'll go with 'a pain in the arse'
  9. I think it's clear to see his attitude has been unbelievably poor for almost a whole year now (with the exception of the sevco games). Now this is obviously just my opinion... But I think this rubs off on the other players, especially the younger ones within the team. Now I obviously don't know what's been happening behind closed doors and all we can do is speculate, but I wasn't surprised to see him with a black eye. i would be interested to hear McCall or Baraclough's opinion on him now that they don't have to man manage him.
  10. McMannus is a cancer within Motherwell football club. I don't or ever have doubted his ability as a player. If only he would show half of his potential/ leadership on the park. I do not doubt for a second he was the issue in the dressing room when McCall left and I think it seems fairly certain he is the issue now. I have tried to defend him in recent weeks on the park, but it is my opinion if we got rid of him, we could get back to a positive attitude on and off the park.
  11. Would love houston. But I doubt we will pay for a manager. Billy Davies anyone?
  12. gordon_mfc

    Baraclough Out

    I reckon there was much more going on behind the scenes that we dont know about. The boards stance 7 months ago was that it was a long term appointment and one for the future. So very surprising to see him go so soon. A very likable guy... but the best decision was made. We CANNOT be in the same position as we were last year. Crags in to stop the rot, win at the weekend and get us back on track. Maybe we will even see players like Taylor improving if he is given the correct coaching. Who knows
  13. gordon_mfc

    Baraclough Out

    What players is he singling out tho. He doesnt seem to have a clue who the problem is. Hes probably in the changing room giving ainsworth and Mcdonald it tight, but saying well done to Taylor
  14. That's true. If Robinson had scored that chance he had, I reckon we would have won the game and it would have been a different story tonight. However I think we need to give him to Christmas before we even consider getting rid of him.
  15. It can't just be me that thinks Bara/ the players didn't do much wrong today. Yes it's disappointing we didn't create more clear cut chances, and it's never good getting beat with Hamilton. But that was a tight game and could have went either way imo. Everyone except taylor had pass marks for me.
  16. Is there absolutely no coverage of our game tonight? Annoying that Motherwell TV don't do their commentary anymore.
  17. Is there any live commentary for today's game? Or is it an open all mics afternoon?
  18. Just got my tickets there. Guy behind me was turned away because he had got tickets for rangers before. Not sure how the guy behind me with the Union Jack iPhone cover got on tho. Queue was fairly growing when I left.
  19. This is unreal. Have motherwell ever been this busy on deadline day? Have we ever brought in 7 players in any window!?!
  20. For me that sounded much more positive. Unlucky not to take the lead, created far more than usual, scored a goal and had one of the best teams in the league under pressure for much more of the game. Finally a bit of fight that St mirren and Ross county seem to show. Maybe... Just maybe were not down after all.
  21. Looks like Pierson still has pace to be fair to him
  22. 3 minutes gone... Already sitting in our own box
  23. Anyone got a stream for this yet, doesn't seem to be on the lists on the usual sites

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