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  1. Great result. Keep winning the games we should win and we will be fine for a top six finish. There will obviously be the odd stumble, and we will have a bad run at some point, but given the turnaround in our squad in the summer, you would have to be reasonably satisfied with where we find ourselves.
  2. Can see this being very tricky. Agree with the poster who thought a draw might not be the worst result. I think we will need to be up for the fight to take anything from this.
  3. He didn't costs anything in terms of a transfer, so freeing up a, by our standards, reasonable salary, probably makes sense. Looked a decent bit of business, but for whatever reason, it just isn't working out at present.
  4. Unless we lose players to decent offers or long term injury, you have to think that any squad movement will be along the lines of financial housekeeping. I can see the sense in Sloth looking elsewhere for game time, permanently or on loan. Carson is also too good a keeper to be warming our bench and deserves a move for first team action.
  5. What you've never had, you'll never miss. No point getting too upset about transfer fees for young David when the transfer didn't happen. He is a contracted player for the rest of this season and for next season. We need to concentrate on getting him fit, healthy and back playing football for us. No shortcuts for short term gain. If we can get him back to where he was before the injury, we will all do very well out of the situation. We do need to, though, remember that he is much more than just an asset for our club, with a value, increasing or diminishing, on a balance sheet. He is a young man who has had a serious mental and physical jolt, with his dreams of a great career move, and all that entailed, shattered. He needs our help and support to get back on track.
  6. Indeed. They are fighting for survival, but we need to get back to winning ways. We cannot afford to take them too lightly. Anyone in the bottom ten is capable of taking something from the other one members of that part of the league.
  7. If it wasn't Ronnie Hellstrom then I am not really nterested.
  8. Spurs must have sacked their manager. Seemed to be doing a decent job, but modern football has no place for long term planning or loyalty.
  9. Watched the second half. Not much f a game and a disappointing result. Campbell was solid, as was Maguire. Think that playing Campbell as the most advanced midfielder isa strange use of resources.
  10. A point, right now, is probably not the worst result. I do expect Jack Ross to bring about a marked improvement at Easter Road, though it may take a bit of time.
  11. I am guessing the Aberdeen game?
  12. Like the recent fixture at Ibrox, this is all about performance and realistically we have little chance of coming away with anything. If we go in with the right tactics and attitude though, we may get lucky. There is a reasonable chance that their midweek exploits may leave them a little jaded and a below parerfomance from them is a requirement. However, the one certainty is that if our performance is below the standards we are trying to set ourselves, we will be punished. Cannot see beyond a very difficult day at the office and a defeat, but a decent effort and game plan and we can head into the international break without too much damage done.
  13. No thoughts on Tommy Wright for the Northern Irish job? He has served his apprenticeship at st Johnstone and actually won something.
  14. The reason this question is being raised now may usa be the obvious one. We have paid off the main debt and now weave to look to the future. Do we spend future funds on renovating our current home, or do we look at alternatives. Seems sensible to look at all the options and then make a decision. It will come down to what is achievable within our limited budget.
  15. At the moment this is all just idle speculation. And it isn't even proper idle speculation because no one has mentioned Stuart Baxter yet.

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