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  1. Given his lack of experience, you have to think that the other people to apply and get interviewed must have failed to stack up. Having said that, with the names that were being thrown about both on here and elsewhere, I ad pretty much come round to the idea that Hammell was as good an option as any. From what I have seen of him, mainly as a player and recently in his temporary role as manager, he appears to be of sound character. As such, he is the kind of person I would wish to be in charge. He has given the club most of his career and there can be no doubt that he knows the club, understands the club and, dare I say it? loves the club. That is the sort of person I want to be in charge of my club. I know that this is both a romanticized and unrealistic approach to what is a business, but we have tried serious and pragmatic with our last few managers and where has that got us? And now I think about it, you probably need a romanticised and unrealistic approach if you support a team like Motherwell. I think Steven Hammell will give his all in his new post. I hope he sets us up to play with style and ambition and, in doing so,reaps the success that we all crave. He is fortunate to have a good idea of our youth setup, so hopefully he can utilise this and show that we are a club that can give young players a chance. Who knows what the future will bring? Will it work out for the best or will we crash and burn?The one thing you can pretty much be sure of is that there will be downs as well as ups. I wish him all the best and every success. I am willing to get right behind him and know that if things do not go our way, it will not be for the want of trying! COYW!
  2. Given where we find ourselves, managerless and short of ideas and goals, I think a pragmatic approach and a draw away from home would not be the worst outcome. I think St Mirren are destined to be strugglers, so it might turn out to be points dropped, but we need to take something from this fixture.
  3. And a blast from the past, Stuart Baxter?
  4. Maurice Malpas might lay claim to that honour.
  5. Well that was shite. Predictable shite, but shite none the less. I think I am done with this until we make the necessary changes at the top to try and arrest this slide to, and beyond abject mediocrity.
  6. The most disappointing thing from my perspective was the fact that we were obviously underprepared for what should have been considered an extremely important fixture. We are all aware that it is our first competitive fixture of the season, but this fails as an excuse because we were so obviously aware of it. Whatever we did to prepare, it obviously wasn't successful. As for hopes for progressing, we were behind for over an hour and threatened very like. It would be very optimistic to think that seven days will make too much of a difference in performance.
  7. Glad it is Sligo, if nothing else for the 'well fans who had taken the plunge and sorted travel and accommodation already. Hopefully we can be ready for our first competitive match of the season and make it through to the next round. I do think that the fact that the opposition are half way through their season gives them a bit of an advantage though. We need to be ready for a bit of a battle.
  8. Only in the UK where the show's title had to be changed due to it also being the name of a brand of cat food.
  9. If we were seriously looking for a left back, do people think we would have resigned the two that we already have?
  10. We have no real history/ tradition of playing in stripes, but I really quite like this.
  11. I think there are enough differences from the situation St Johnstone found themselves in to say that that is not the case here. For instance, they lost a couple of key players just before the transfer deadline and were unable to replace them with anything like the same quality. We are also, unfortunately, not artificially buoyed by unprecedented success from last season. I do think that relying on the core of a squad that faltered so alarmingly in the second half of the season shows a degree of optimism in their ability, or the hope that they will improve, that I do not share. Relying on theist of the league to remain pretty awful seems both lazy and foolhardy.
  12. I was thinking more along financial lines, but now you mention it......
  13. Good luck to him with impending fatherhood. He has done alright for himself career wise, since leaving Fir Park. A good example of what a move to Motherwell can result in.
  14. Nice work if you can get it. Is he still shagging a Saturday?
  15. Can possibly see Burrows going on to do something at a national level. As for Lasley, a great playing career for us and a fabulous servant to the club. I can do nothing but wish him all the very best in his new venture and admit that his leaving has already achieved the almost impossible in that I now don't have quite such as seething hatred for St Mirren as I had before.

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