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  1. Before my time, but given what my late father said about him ( and he was a better than fair judge of a player) he must have been a genuine talent. RIP and my thoughts are with his family and friends.
  2. Hastie coming back makes for interesting times at Fir Park. Still a young and inexperienced player, yet now an obvious target for the less patient element of our support, should things not go swimmingly from day one. A genuine feather in the cap our coaches and management if they can make it work.
  3. The African


    If Tait had a genuine case against the club, he wouldn't be speaking to the media about it, he would be speaking to a lawyer. The simple fact is that, because of the Covid 19 situation, the circumstances regarding what the club felt they could offer him changed. If he chooses to see that as being duplicitous on the part of the club or take it as a personal slight, then that is his business. If he goes public with it, then the club have every right to defend their actions. He was a decent servant to the club during his time with us. A good player who always seemed to give his all. He doesn't play for us anymore, which is the way it always goes.
  4. Awesome picture and great news regarding your recovery. Long may it continue! Kia kaha as they say in these parts ( stay strong).
  5. I like both though feel the badge works best on an amber background. As such, keeping the riot for our away kit seems to work pretty well.
  6. It is a cool shirt, with only really the collar that "dates" it. Any change there would have to be sympathetically done though. It is amazing how a detail such as a collar design can ruin the whole picture.
  7. Just returning to this as my question regarding the width of the white hoops has been answered by the new official away shirt and I have to say that I marginally prefer UBH's version. The hooos look better to me with uniform widths. Perhaps the use of four different colours works against being too complicated with any other aspect of the design? I also prefer the simpler collar on his version, though I am generally a fan of an old fashioned style like that used in the official version. I am neither here nor there on the choice between badge or mfc script as both work fine for me. Ultimately, as long as it is not spoiled by the inevitable sponsors logo, the new shirt is another belter.
  8. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
  9. I think it is fair to say that we will only understand the thinking behind these departures once any new signings are brought in and we can see what the complete squad looks like. At the moment it certainly looks a little threadbare..
  10. It was a couple of games to avoid relegation. Why would we want to celebrate what was the end of a very forgettable season! Yes, it was great to stick it up the shitty reincarnation of the vile entity that is Glasgow Rangers but it was very much of the moment. It isn't as if we won something and to celebrate it with anything more than a wistful smile and a knowing nod is only going to compound the embarrassment of actually finding ourselves in that position in the first place.
  11. Hope he can pull through this and make a decent recovery. I have to admit that, when interacting with other posters on here, I very rarely pay much attention to who the other posters are. I just assume that they are 'well supporters and therefore generally good folk. Goggles and Flippers was a name I recognised and I must have laughed at some of his input, agreed with his sage footballing wisdom at other times, and thought he was talking p*sh at others. It is what this site seems to be about, for me anyway. I wish him all the very best.
  12. I realise that I am not the target audience for these sort of things, but am I alone in thinking that DT may have been ill advised to appear on such a production? Cringeworthy and embarrassing would be my first thoughts on the general content. I understand that these are unprecedented times, but a player in Turnbull 's position really has nothing to gain and quite a lot to lose by choosing to appear on it. As it was, and I have to admît that I couldn't bring myself to listen to all of it, he seems to not have said anything too stupid, but it begs the question, why put yourself in that position in the first place?
  13. Thanks for posting this. Great memories of some fantastic players for us. Also always worth being reminded of what a dreadful shower Rangers were in the 1970s. Twice we were absolutely robbed by these cheating scum. I could never support a team with such crack whore ethics. Remember this, as they try and take the "moral high ground" in any debate or discussion regarding the future of Scottish football.
  14. Fair enough. Truth be told, it was only a passing flirtation with gridiron.
  15. Used to have a Southland rugby shirt from around twenty years ago. It only had an amber ( gold ) badge and the ccc logo. I really liked it as it had a proper broad hoop in blue. The rest was mainly claret with some thine white hoops. The template might have worked nicely for us when we had Canterbury as a kit supplier. As for the Highlanders, I was always aware that the claret on their kit represented Southland, but assumed the amber was from Otago.

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