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  1. The African

    2019-20 Rebuild

    The Hastie saga has now reached the beyond boring stage. He seems to have made his decision and, had it been anyone other than the ugly sisters of Scottish football, I might have been inclined to wish him good luck in his career. As far as compensation goes, you know they will pay the absolute minimum they have to and no doubt try and wrangle a lower price by going to a tribunal if that Is an option in this situation. No blame on anyone at Fir Park. We offer our young talent the opportunity to develop and move on. If they choose to look elsewhere then that is up to them. The fact that many see the benefit in this, and sign on, shows that it is a system that works.
  2. The African

    2018/19 Game 33: Rangers (H) April 7th 12.30pm Kick Off

    I suppose this site counts as social media, so I should be careful, but the shite that goes on the likes of twitter and Facebook, in this case attacking a 14 year old for throwing a pie, is beyond nonsense. The lad should ‘fess up to the club and take a self imposed leave of absence until next season. Hopefully the club would accept this and let him back in on the condition of a future blemish free record.
  3. The African

    2018/19 Game 33: Rangers (H) April 7th 12.30pm Kick Off

    Just enjoy the irony of the pure pond life and bottom feeders that follow the scum trying to claim the moral high ground when we all know that the scum have morals that would shame a crack whore. Then laugh yourself silly at the faux outrage from their mates in the media, who, to continue the metaphor, are akin to the pushers supplying said lady of negotiable virtue. Yes, the person who threw the lighter is an idiot and, if identifiable, should face the consequences of their unacceptable actions. I do not believe that capital punishment should be brought back, just to encourage the others.
  4. The African

    2019-20 Rebuild

    BBC gossip suggesting that Tom Aldred would be interested in staying on beyond the end of his loan deal. Please let it be so. He has been excellent for us.
  5. The African

    2018/19 Game 33: Rangers (H) April 7th 12.30pm Kick Off

    They were far more than League games. Must have cost them a fortune.
  6. The African

    2018/19 Game 33: Rangers (H) April 7th 12.30pm Kick Off

    I find the Sevco and “ new club “ references useful to remind us of the tawdry ways that this particular institution conduct themselves. The irony that it is not in the least bit dissimilar from the way the old club which was liquidated behaved is not lost on me. If it happens to wind up the knuckle draggers and bigots who follow, follow this club then that is a bonus, though not really worthwhile as winding up such vile pond-life is scarcely difficult.
  7. The African

    2019-20 Rebuild

    If the Main story is true, I am surprised he didn’t move in January. They must have offered peanuts. I think he put in a decent shift for us over the time he has been with us and would wish him well in the future if not signing for a rival. I would hope that, given the time to look around, we could find a reasonable replacement for him.
  8. The African

    2018/19 Game 33: Rangers (H) April 7th 12.30pm Kick Off

    Happy enough to start Ferguson if Gillespie is not ready. A big game, but we need to find out if he is up to it.
  9. The African

    2018/19 Game 32: Aberdeen (A)April 3rd 7.45pm kick off

    Depends on how bad the injury to Gillespie is. If he is fit to play then he has the jersey. If not, and we certainly do not need to take any chances with him, we have two options, trust in Ferguson or look around sharpish for a short term emergency loan. The coaching staff should be in a decent position to make the call.
  10. The African

    2018/19 Game 32: Aberdeen (A)April 3rd 7.45pm kick off

    Ferguson will be okay. He deserves his chance and good luck to him. I would have given him a couple of starts in the up coming games to see if e is capable of making the step up anyway.
  11. The African

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Glad it looks like Hastie is not off the Rangers. Hopefully he has not given up completely on signing up for us, as recent performances suggest that he is far from the finished article and the chance to develop in our first team should be seriously considered. Ido think that anyone who thinks that a move to MLS shows a lack of ambition is living in the past. It isa global game with options now available worldwide. The fact is that America is now an interesting and not unattractive option for any young player who fancies a fresh challenge, and if the money is good, even better.
  12. The African

    retro kits

    I think it is positive that a company like Copa are looking at producing stuff linked to our club. And these are not bad efforts, especially liking the tracktop.
  13. The African

    SPFL Reserve League Cup final

    Scant reward, but you do have to get to a final even to lose in a final. Once the dust settles, they can be proud of their efforts.
  14. The African

    SPFL Reserve League Cup final

    Final score two nil to the Jambos. Still, an achievement to get to a final and looked like a young side. All about learning from the experienced and pushing on to improve and develop as players. Silverwear would have been nice, but not the end of the world.
  15. The African

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Having seen Gorrin play in the A league for Wellington, it was clear that he had ability, but not a given that he could adapt to the tempo and pace of the Scottish game. The dealwe offered of a year with the option of a further year iftargets were met makes perfect sense in such circumstances.

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