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  1. Cheers. Hope his recovery and return to first team action goes well, whenever that may be.
  2. Is Mugabe fit? Like UBH, I'd be very happy to take anything from this fixture.
  3. Good luck to Christy and Rohan. Good to see that players can find their level and restart their careers after leaving Fir Park.
  4. Strangely apt that we play his other senior club tomorrow. Hopefully both sides can show their respect, perhaps black armbands? RIP and my thoughts are with his family and friends.
  5. Black is just not the colour for a football shirt. Along with grey and pink, it should be avoided. I would not be averse to a mainly claret change kit, but it might defeat the purpose in that it would still clash with the likes of Aberdeen and Hearts. I have liked some of our blue kits, but, for me our best efforts have been white. I would also contend that there should be some claret and amber detailing on all our kit. They are our colours and we should always have them somewhere. For future consideration, how about a shirt in dark green? I have always thought the South African rugby kit looked pretty cool and we could justify it with reference to the firs of Fir Park.
  6. Liam Kelly signing for us permanently would be a bit of a coup, but the cynic in me thinks that this story is possibly bait from his agent to attract bigger fish. And I will also say that Trevor Carson, for us, has been class in every sense of the word. Quality both on and off the pitch and the model professional. If he is about to depart then I wish him nothing but the best. He has had dreadful luck with illness andinjuries and, as such, never got the life changing move that his performances deserved.
  7. The African

    Stevie O'D

    If Patterson needs game time to aid his development, play him in the under 21s. The idea that a player with his level of experience should just walk into the national team because, let's admit it, he plays for Rangers, is both ludicrous and typical of the thinking that now finds Scottish football in the hole it is in.
  8. I think it is not unfair to say that Scotland would have been, along with North Macedonia, the team everyone else wanted to draw.
  9. The African


    Great gesture. On a disappointing night football wise, it made me smile.
  10. The African

    Stevie O'D

    In my lifetime of watching international football, going back as far as the 1974 World Cup, our lack of goals has always been our biggest weakness. Of course there have been other problems, and sometimes we have been completely awful. Should we be completely negative right now, or can we look for positives? Over the past two decades we would have been having this conversation after we failed to even qualify.. it's not much, but it's something.
  11. The African

    Stevie O'D

    I saw the comment as being tongue in cheek and more about the world we live in rather than disparaging the player. These days, you are only as good as your last twenty minutes of play, with only two options, great or grotty. Of course, I could be wrong.
  12. The African

    Stevie O'D

    Beaten by a better side. Technically they were far superior and they had the physicality to back it up. You cannot say it was unexpected. As for O'Donnell, he was no worse than the rest of the team who, mostly, looked out of their depth.
  13. I agree regarding Kelly. He probably deserves a chance at a higher level and would be an expensive option from our point of view/ salary level. As for Carson, it is all just hope from my point of view. Nobody wants to see any player have to give up because of injury, let alone one that has proven themselves to be as good as Trevor was. His professionalism when his proposed move to Celtic fell through also adds credit to him, when others might have thrown their toys out of the pram. Honestly, I would love to see him back if at all possible.
  14. With resigning Fox, and rumours we are trying to get Kelly back on loan, you would have to think that Carson is not ready to return to the first team. All just speculation and the rumour about Kelly could be completely groundless, but that is what happens in the phoney war before a new season gets underway. I genuinely hope there is less to it and Trevor can make a full return to fitness and between the sticks for us. He is an excellent player and deserves a bit of good luck for a change.
  15. The African


    Like a few others have already said, I only knew Andy through his input on this forum. As this is the internet, you would be within your rights to say that I didn't know him at all really. So why am I sitting here on the other side of the world feeling both sadness and a sense of loss? I think it must be because, in a world of instant communication and unfettered opinion, where trolls and howling loons seem to be the norm, he represented a different style, being unfashionably reasonable, knowledgeable and prepared to let others hold differing opinions, and all done in goood humour with a dry wit that never failed to raise a smile. This place will be the lesser for his passing, but this is just the internet so of no real account. Our loss is certainly nothing compared to that of his friends, family and loved ones, those who really knew him, and to those people I extend my sincere respect and condolences.

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