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  1. My comment regarding the best career move for David Turnbull was referring to what can now happen after the signing of his new contract rather than anything that had happened beforehand. Sorry if that was not clear.
  2. The great thing for both club and player is that we now take our time to get the best result for all concerned. The best career move for DT and a decent transfer fee for Motherwell FC. No need to rush his return and time for a decent pre-season before he shows his undoubted talents in the early part of next season.
  3. Would imagine we will be without Campbell for this fixture at least, given his absence from the Scotland under 21s squad. A big loss if he was going to continue his return to form from the Ross County game. Hopefully the returning Donnelly can step u and fill the void.
  4. Proves one thing: on a moral level, he is way too good for Celtic.
  5. Sorry to be the one to tell you, but this sort of balanced and reasoned thinking has no place on an internet football supporters' forum.
  6. I suppose it all really comes down to a couple of factors. Firstly, if David Turnbull can recapture the form he displayed prior to his injury: the form which resulted in him being, very nearly, a £3 million player. Secondly, assuming the first, if we get offers for him which, given the status of his current contract, meet our valuation. We certainly do not necessarily "need" the cash so hopefully we do not allow anyone to take the piss with a low offer which we accept as being the best we can do in the circumstances. I am genuinely of the opinion that we have done everything to further the career of Turnbull and other youngsters, with an eye to what is mutually beneficial to both parties. Whilst this is a laudable business practice, we should not be so naive as to believe that others will not try and take advantage of our circumstances. It might seem like we are cutting off our nose to spite our face, but remaining strong and holding out for a price close to our previous valuation, is our best course of action.
  7. Another one who is happy with a point from Tynecastle. As I sad before, not a place with many happy memories for me as a 'well fan. Too early for us to be getting excited about what is happening in other fixtures imho. We just need to concentrate on our own performance and results. Top six is an achievement of sorts, but we are still in pole position for third. Let's get stuck in and do it!
  8. Not a ground that has many happy memories for me. Hearts have shown an improvement of late, but the one thing about this league is that, through 2nd to 12th, consistency is in short supply. Let's hope we can catch them on a return to the form that sees them in the relegation dogfight. A win and three points could be massive for us, but right now I'd take a point..
  9. Got to be happy with that result. Hopefully that is us back on track and we can continue to pick up points from the tougher matches before the split. Aberdeen game looking crucial but a tough trip to Swinecastle before then, so lets not get ahead of ourselves.
  10. I assume Rangers going out is not ideal from our perspective? Cannot stop myself from being quite pleased about it, even if it is Hearts that did for them. Also found myself following the St Mirren Aberdeen game. Happy enough with the result. Never really had much time for St Mirren and the last couple of results have just confirmed that.
  11. Perhaps the only upside to no game this Saturday is the chance it gives us to regroup. A weekend off for everyone might not be the worst preparation. The closure with the result of court proceedings in Edinburgh can hopefully draw a line under those events also. As for the game itself, we will have to cope without Donnelly and the battle that Ross County will undoubtedly bring would possibly have suited him. A case or bringing back Grimshaw if he isn't required for full back? Also a chance to test the Watt Long striking partnership. I do think we will need some width if, as expected, they set themselves out to frustrate us, so a role for either Aarons or Hylton. Any kind of win to get us heading in the right direction again will be gratefully accepted.
  12. "The money is on. Time to start playing."?
  13. So, after tonight's performance, what is next seasons relegation battle looking like? Carson - decent keeper, glad to have him onboard. Gillespie - have to assume he will be gone. Tait - has struggled, but his experience could be vital. Got to play him in the right position though. Gallagher - a saleable asset, so any half decent offer will see him gone. Has been great for us, so hard to replace. Hartley - looks done, should be gone. Dunne - will be interesting to see how he does after long term injury, but worth keeping. Maguire - his lack of opportunity seems to suggest he will be freed when his contract is up. Carroll - has been decent for us, hopefully comes back well from his injury. Donnelly - not the player he looked at the beginning of the season, but all squads need journeymen who cover more than one position. Mugabi - doesn't look like he has the goods to make it at our level. The only thing currently keeping him at Fir Park next season is the length of his contract. Grimshaw - great attitude, journeyman player. Would keep around for now. Polworth - has talent, need to find a way to use it to our best advantage. Another keeper. Campbell - probably needs a rest, but a better than decent player on his day. Turnbull - depending on how the rest of this season goes and whether he extends his contract, but I can see us trying to cash him in this summer. Long - some talent, but does he want to be here? I think he will be gone. Hylton - better than Seedirf, but not good enough for this league. Seedorf - just not good enough, see yah! MacIver - too young and inexperienced to tell. I'd keep him as a work in progress. Ilic - if he cannot get into the team now, what is the point? Bye. Mazinga - see Seedorf. Watt - here on a short term deal so not sure if he will want to stick around. He is basically on a long term trial till the end of the season, and if he does really well, someone with more money will pick him up. Ferguson - back from loan in N Ireland. We will need cover for Carson if he fancies the job. As for the players we have on loan, I'd try my damnedest to get O'Hara on a permanent deal, the others can close the door on their way out. Missed anyone? So, a bit of a clear out and rebuild, but it is ever thus, and we are not completely bereft of talent. We will need to spend any Gallagher/Turnbull money wisely though, and we have to find a striker or two from somewhere.
  14. The problem with this being that our only serviceable left back is currently out of action.
  15. Time for a few home truths? We are only third by default in a truly awful league. We have some half decent players, but are not a cohesive unit. We flatter to deceive with some pretty play but have no real punch and don't offer much of a goal threat. We cannot put a decent ninety minute performance together. We have a business plan based on selling on our best players, but currently look like we have little left that anyone would want to buy. Our lack of depth has led to us "overolaying" promising youngsters and probably stymied their development ( Cadden and now Campbell). on the plus side, on current form we would have been an embarrassment in Europe anyway and nice to see Turnbull back, even if rushing him into the match day squad has a look of desperation about it. Rant over.

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