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  1. No need to get too clever with selection. If they are all fit and available the team that performed well at Easter Road deserve the chance to back up that performance with a repeat.
  2. Very sad news. Like many on here, I am too young to remember him as a player, but the fact that my father was in awe of him would be enough to convince me of his status as a legend. I do remember how excited my Dad was when he returned to the club as manager and it does seem a real shame that his spell in charge was short lived. I remember St John saying that the move to Portsmouth was a mistake, mainly because he was lmisled about the proposed future for that club. I assume that most of the media will be full of his time at Liverpool and his work as a pundit, but his significance for our club cannot be underestimated. RIP, and my thoughts and respect are with his family and friends. In closing, I would add one thing. During his work as an expert/ pundit over the years, where he was both inciteful and honest ( and so much more than just a comic foil for Jimmy Greaves) you were never unaware that he was a Scotland man, a Liverpool man, a Motherwell man.
  3. Bringing youngsters into this team at present s probably not a good idea. The experienced professionals around them aren't doing their jobs so how can we expect novices to maketheequired difference? Not only will it be both unrealistic and possibly stall their development, but it could be classified as wantonly cruel.
  4. A rude awakening and a timely reminder that we are at the wrong end of the table for a reason. Forget about anything else than tenth place from now till the end of the season, and be thankful that there are several sides in our division who are as equally sh*t* as us.
  5. In reality it is probably hyperbole to call this a "must win" game. I also admire the optimism of those asking up a win as opening up our chances of somehow making the top six. As I see it we are still on the cusp of a relegation battle and that has to be our main concern. The good news is that we are on our good run at present with some mproved performances and results. Keeping it going for another couple of weeks would be most beneficial A result in this fixture will go a long way to securing our future in the division. Let's hope we can achieve that. Hamilton are such a dreadful bunch of scrapers. They will be up for it and have recently proved they are capable of getting decent results against anyone. I would love three points, but a draw would not be the end of the world.
  6. The only thing I don't like about the "free hit" option is that it works when the opposition is taking maximum points off all our competitors. Given where Celtic currently find themselves, I am thinking that currently this is no longer the case. As such, I think it is up to us to take the fixture seriously and see what we can get out of it. I still would see even a point as a bonus, but other sides will be taking points off them before the end of the season.
  7. Not going to complain about a result finally going our way. Hopefully we can build on this and secure our top flight status.
  8. A decent servant to the club during his time at Fir Park. He played at a time when his lack of touch or genuine footballing skills were made up for by his strength and commitment. By the time he was with us, as others have said, he was past his prime, but still put in a shift and his attitude could not be faulted. Am I correct in thinking that his performances for us got him back into the Icelandic national squad? RIP and respects to his family and friends.
  9. Fortunately for us, the league would be called on points won per game, so if it were to happen right now we would be above both accuse and county. unfortunately, when we lose tomorrow, we drop below them. So no pressure lads.
  10. Live on Sky TV here in New Zealand. Will probably watch Ito see if there are any signs of improvement under the new manager. Anything better than a three nil defeat can probably be seen as progress.
  11. An absolute shambles, and one which makes those that are involved in the governance of Scottish football look like the rank amateurs that they obviously are. No wonder the game in Scotland is in the state it is. As to what we as a club can do about this situation, I am afraid that the answer is precious little. I see no value in trying to use what some might see as the precedent set by this ruling to try and gain advantage ourselves. I really don't want Motherwell to be a club like that. I see little value in using the whole mess as a motivational tool. If our players and staff are not already fully motivated for the task ahead of them, especially given the hole we find ourselves in, then they have no right to be at the club. I also doubt we will gain anything by trying to play hardball when it comes to negotiating as to when these fixtures will be replayed. We might, quite rightly at the moment, feel a sense of injustice and that we, in particular, as a club, have been well and truly shafted, but the one thing that is clear from this unholy mess, is that the powers that be obviously do not share that opinion and, as such, us being petulant about it is only going to be, ultimately, an unnecessary distraction. I shall conclude by quoting what a US army Sargent is supposed to have told an injured and disabled soldier on the way back to America after World War 2, " if you are looking for sympathy, you will find it in the dictionary between sh*t and syphliis". This mess is done. We need to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and get over it.
  12. The cynic in me is thinking that Celtic might not be too upset if they are docked points over protocol breaches on their Dubai jolly. It would give them an excuse to blame their failure in not achieving the mythical ten in a row on being the innocent victims in an establishment fit up. I apologise in advance for my inherent cynicism. It is not an admirable trait.
  13. One of the joys of being a supporter of a certain age are the memories of the excitement one used to feel before the old third round draw. The what ifs and what might bes on a possible run in the cup, all the way to Hampden perhaps? I have to admit that, over time, and with the chances of our success seemingly being ever further squeezed by the way the game is going, that excitement has worn off a fair bit. I sencerely hope that it is just me getting old and that somewhere, out in darkest Lanarkshire, or wherever, there are young Motherwell fans waiting with hope and anticipation for what might be the beginning of something special. I still believe that it is the way it should be.
  14. Indeed. Right now I'd take a point.
  15. Harsh, but I have to admit, probably accurate. I love Grimshaw's attitude and wish it was infectious, but the only real reason I can see to keep him is if we end up in the Champioship next season, where he might find it more of his natural level.

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