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  1. The African

    Under 20's

    Great result. Well done to all involved. Can anyone tell me who the two over age players were? And am I right in thinking that Campbell, Cadden and Semele could all come into the squad for the quarter final? Not necessarily advocating this though. The players who have got us this far probably deserve their chance to see how far they can get us in this competition.
  2. The African

    Under 20's

    Could be good practice for next season? Seriously though, good luck to our youngsters. Hopefully a decent crowd and they put in a good performance. The way our first team are going, who knows where a good individual showing might lead to.
  3. The African

    Nostalgia Night 5/10/18

    Yes, cannot disagree with this. Looking back, and with hindsight, it's pretty clear to see that nostalgia just isn't what it once was.
  4. The African

    Our start to the season

    We certainly lack pace at the back, and this is compounded by the way our midfield stands off the opposition and let's them play into the space that our defence cannot cover. I am worried that the return of Dunne is seen as a " cure all" for our defensive frailties. He will need time to rediscover his form.
  5. The African

    2018'19 Game 7: Kilmarnock (A) Saturday 29th September 2018

    Defensively, could it be that moving McHugh back into the central three has cost us our most effective defensive midfielder? I realise that he was not everyone's cup of tea in midfield, but he was able to break up a fair amount of opposition play and screen the defence from there. He doesn't offer much creatively, but sadly, he is not alone in being open to that particular criticism.
  6. The African

    Our start to the season

    I reckon we have enough players of SPL standard - Carson, Tait, Aldred, Hartley, Dunne, Campbell, Cadden, McHugh are all capable and the likes of Rose, Bowman, Main, Tanner and Bigi have shown in the past that they can also contribute. The problem is that the mix is not right. If we do change manager, this will remain an issue for this season at least.
  7. The African

    2018'19 Game 7: Kilmarnock (A) Saturday 29th September 2018

    Anything from this fixture will be gratefully accepted.
  8. The African

    Our start to the season

    We are where we are. Not great, not Dundee. Recruitment currently looks like a misuse of funds. Apparently we have fifty players on our books which, for a club our size, is too many. Maybe partly due to players we expected to leave not getting offers or deciding to stay and give it another go - Carson, Bigi, Frear, one of Cadden or Campbell. The decision to resign both Rose and Grimshaw looks a little extravagant but they were only one year deals and both put in a shift at stages last season, so a difficult decision fudged? Injuries will always be a factor as well, good luck to Dunne and Tanner when they return. It is really too early to tell on any of the new guys and the size of our squad makes it hard for anyone coming into the team. It is unreasonably expected that they will hit the ground running or they will be immediately labelled a dud. I do think we lack a cutting edge and goals. We need something to happen, be it Johnson turning out to be a gem or Main 's mojo returning. Left back is still an issue. Shows how luck we have been over the years, most recently with Hammell. Twas ever thus. Hopefully we will be okay.
  9. The African

    The League Cup 2018'19 Thread

    3-5-2 is not the worst idea in the footballing world, but you do need the players capable of adapting to it. Some speed and mobility in the defensive 3 and wing backs who can contribute in both attacking and defending aspects of the role.
  10. The African

    The League Cup 2018'19 Thread

    So much for the "we're a cup team" pish. Time to concentrate on survival in the top league. Oh and Hearts can get to f*ck. Still a shower of c*nts.
  11. The African

    2018'19 Game 6: Aberdeen (A) Saturday 22nd September 2018

    I suppose this was fairly predictable. Aberdeen away is never easy and although another defeat is disappointing, it is hardly unexpected. To answer the question as to why we did not strengthen the starting line up from last season,, we finished seventh and reached two cup finals. The starting eleven probably looked okay. Our lack of depth cost us last season, so an obvious one to have a go at. Dare I say it, also something that we could achieve within our budget? The more important question to address now is are we just a little unlucky, or are we genuinely poor? You can point to injuries and refereeing decisions, but I am beginning to think that we are going to be in for a struggle this season. I have said from day one that I thought that we would struggle for goals, and have seen little to change my mind on this. For us, recruiting forwards is always going to be a gamble. The money to buy in a proven goal scorer does not exist at a club of our financial stature. Also throw in the fact that our manager's preferred style of play and team set up is heavily geared towards the defensive, and anyone playing up front for us is going to struggle to contribute. All is not lost though. It isn't as if we are in a league filled with quality teams. We have a number of decent players and they are backed up by several honest professionals who can do a job at this level. Get more than half of them playing well and we will be alright for another year. Might not be pretty to watch though.
  12. The African

    2018'19 Game 6: Aberdeen (A) Saturday 22nd September 2018

    A point would probably be a good point. A loss is not a disaster, but could begin to eat into our confidence. Early days with regard to the season, so no point calling anything " must win" just yet.
  13. Hopefully Trev isn't too badly injured. As for the game itself, in forty odd years of following the 'well, I am struggling to remember when we ever got an even break against Hearts. I would love it if someone other than the ugly sisters were to win the league, but just not them. Levein is a tosser of the highest order so the play acting and time wasting is scarcely a surprise. I never want us to go down that route in terms of attitude and performance. Who do we play next?
  14. The African

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Since 1980 they have failed to qualify for two world cups. They have qualified for eight finals in that period and only failed to get out of their group once. They have gone on to finish fourth in 1986 and third in 2018. If they consider that the footballing wilderness then Goid alone knows what they would make of Scotland's performances over the same period.

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