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  1. The African

    2019'20 Game 9: Aberdeen (H)

    Disappointed by the result, but not entirely surprised. Have been a ‘well fan for too long not to know that we are a team who have to take the rough with the smooth. It seems to have been a day when a whole number of factors conspired to confound us. We are a young squad and, as such, inconsistency is always going to be a reality during the season. The key is really how we cope and whether we can bounce back from these sort of results. Looking for a reaction next weekend, though we have a difficult fixture so may have to be about performance rather than any tangible result. ‘Twas ever this.
  2. The African

    Motherwell FC Hall of Fame

    It would be folly to induct someone who would not see the event as an honour. I am afraid that Mr Boyd has made it clear that he does not hold this club with any level of regard. As such, to offer such an individual the privilege of a place in our Hall of Fame would simply demean the honour and impact badlyon the other, more deserving, recipients. Of course, Mr Boyd may do the honourable thing, and decline. Not holding my breath though.
  3. The African

    2019'20 Game 9: Aberdeen (H)

    Hopeful that we can get a win to keep our good run going. The international break has not done us any favours with regard to maintaining our momentum. Still, up to the players and management to be up for the struggle and no reason that we can’t take all three points.
  4. The African

    Motherwell FC Hall of Fame

    As long as Tom Boyd doesn’t get in.....
  5. The African

    The 'Magnificent' David Turnbull Discussion Thread

    Hopefully a successful return to our first team will encourage other bidders. I would love him to sign an extension, but doubt that this is likely now.
  6. The African

    Which club will take our Manager ?

    Not sure that stability is a viable option in the modern football world. Three defeats and there will be people calling for your sacking. We must learn to survive in a state of constant flux. If players and managers look good, they move up the ladder, if they look crap, they get punted. Ideas such as loyalty are a thing of the past. To stay still in our ever changing environment is to take the chance of eventuallylooking crap for too long and facing the chop.
  7. The African

    Declan for Scotland

    Good luck to him. Been a stand out performer so nice to see that recognised.
  8. The African

    2019'20 Game 8: St Mirren (H)

    Has the feeling of a significant game for us. Win it and we could do something in the league this year. Lose, like Ross County game, and it looks like inconsistency will put thoughts of a top six finish to bed.
  9. The African

    Declan for Scotland

    Interesting point. Did not seem to be a concern for the All Black rugby team when they recently selected Sevu Reece for the Rugby World Cup. I wonder if the fact that they win most f the time is s a factor in such decisions?
  10. The African

    Declan for Scotland

    And Taitie can cover right back. Bit of a no brainer for me.
  11. The African

    2019'20 Game 7: St Johnstone (A)

    Like the win at Tynecastle, three points from a visit to Perth is not to be sniffed at. Now, with three of our next four fixtures at Fir Park, let's try and get our home form sorted out.
  12. The African

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Can you really blame a young man for taking an opportunity? Good luck to him in his career.
  13. The African

    2019'20 Game 6: Ross County (H)

    Sadly predictable result. We have to accept a certain amount of inconsistency with the nature of our squad, but it doesn’t diminish the disappointment when a good little run comes to an end in a fixture we considered winnable after previous results. Was it Spike Milligan who coined the phrase” it only happens all the time”?
  14. The African

    Motherwell Fantasy Kits

    Really like the look of that.
  15. The African

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    I think the perceived hope that Hastie fails has to do with the team he joined and the fact that both he and Cadden have left, seem to be doing well, and we have yet to receive a red cent in terms of development fees and or compensation. Cannot really blame individuals for having such thoughts in such circumstances.

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