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  1. Given the disruption caused by the loss of two probable starters just a few hours before kick off, I'll be happy with a point. I generally see a draw as points dropped, but in this instance, one point is better than hee haw.
  2. I would say it happens because we allow it to turn into a game that they can win. Generally, we are a better quality team from front to back, but they somehow manage to drag us down to their level, then beat us through their greater experience there. Throw in their abomination of a playing surface and it suddenly isn't so difficult to see why. Of course, if we can see it, it begs the question of why our coaches and players cannot do something about it. I am sure they are trying.
  3. They seriously don't give a f*ck. A very sad state of affairs for. once proud institution. Just the ways things have gone across the board for the Beeb.
  4. Goalkeeper is a unique position. One that you enerally don't change unless you have to. Chapman has possession of the jersey, but only by the most tenuous of margins ( sixty minutes or so). Still, he did nothing wrong on debut so I would be tempted to start with him. Longer term, a decision will have to be made by the manager. Important that he gets it right as the difference that a good goalie can make to the whole team's performance is significant.
  5. Is it just another symptom of these crazy times that Tony Fitzpatrick appears to have turned into Lady Macbeth? Anyway, to paraphrase the Bard, methinks he doth protest too much.
  6. With news of the injury to Mugabe, I am now in the " a point wouldn't be the worst outcome" camp. It will be interesting to see how Robinson set up the team. I hope that the confidence that Gallagher and O'Donnell should bring back from the international aqua isn't allowed to be thrown away with a cack handed decision to be too clever by half with our selection. We have two options. Retain the back three, but with Gallagher in the central position, or go to a back four. Both have some merit, but are also not without danger, given the talent available. Right now, I'd look at a back four of O'Donnell, Gallagher, Lamie and McGinley. The lack of a genuine left back is still an issue but two holding midfielders in the shape of Grimshaw and Maguire should help bolster things. I think that the injury to Mugabe shows that we were wrong in not looking for experienced cover for centre half during the transfer window.
  7. Any kind of win will be a very good result. Hopefully we can find a decent performance and that will be enough but we have been so inconsistent this season, you wouldn't bet on it with any conviction.
  8. Willie Pettigrew was a significant part of my childhood as the goal scoring hero in the team I followed. Growing up in Edinburgh where myself and my Dad were the only ' well fans in the area, his exploits helped justify my loyalty. My brother showed no such fôrtitude and succumbed to the lure of his wee pals and has been a Hibs fan ever since. Seeing that youtube footage again just confirms a couple of things. We had a seriously decent and talented side back then, and Rangers, cheating the hell out of us in two of the featured games, are the complete shite stained bastard offspring of Satan. Some of the skill and touch displayed by Willie P and his teammates, on pitches which make you wonder if teams even employed groundsmen, are fantastic. From that era, my favourite players were Willie P, Joe Wark, Bobby Watson, Peter Miller, Bobby Graham, Peter Marinello and Ian Taylor ( plus a special mention for Stewart Rennie who worked with my Dad). How we never won anything with the talent available is a mystery until you take into account the antics of the scum from Ibrox. Seriously though, happy birthday Willie P and thanks for the memories.
  9. I have seen reports that we are looking for a goalkeeper to cover for the unfortunate Scott Fox. Perhaps young Morrison's call up to the Scotland Under 21 squad ( congratulations and good luck to the lad ) might make them think again? No point spending money to cover a contingency when there are obvious deficiencies, requiring more urgent action, elsewhere in the squad.
  10. Pure conjecture on my part. But you never know in these strange, crazy and unprecedented times.
  11. Isn't it going to be ironic when the clubs go begging to the government for hand outs, as most surely will, after spending large in the transfer market? I am thinking mostly of the ugly sisters in a Scottish context, but Hibs might be planning to join them. Clubs that have played fair and lived within their means, like ourselves, will probably look a little foolish if we just use up cash reserves while others survive on "free money" from central government funding.
  12. The African

    Big Dec

    Certainly wouldn't disagree with that. We need to find a system and formation that all our players are comfortable and best suits their abilities. I feel that the loss of Donnelly has probably prompted the move to a back five. His defensive sweeping in front of our back four was a big factor in our success last season.
  13. The African

    Big Dec

    The key to getting the best out of Gallagher is probably as much to do with inding the right player o partner him at centre back. A so,I'd experienced operator like a fit Peter Hartley would take a fair bit of responsibility and pressure off and allow him to concentrate on his own performance. There is also a case for looking at the captaincy and maybe letting Carson take the armband for a few games. As our friend from Texas says, he is a good player and he will come good. We simply have to find a way to get to that situation sooner rather than later.
  14. The decision to not resign both Tait and Hartley was probably sound on a footballing sense. They both poked like they were on a downward curve in terms of performance and fitness.The nature and quality of their replacements is another matter entirely.

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