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  1. The African


    I used to love Joe Miller. When I say Joe Miller, I obviously refer to his childlike persona which used to appear regularly on Off The Ball. Right up there with Barry “ the bully” Ferguson and the Frankie Howardesque rendition of our own John Boyle. Happy days. The real Joe Miller was shite.
  2. The African


    I suppose that, should any club fail to meet our valuation, then we would decline permission for them to talk to the player and his agent. He is still currently contracted to Motherwell FC.
  3. The African


    Am I alone in thinking that a “bidding war” is now unlikely. Given that all and sundry are now fully aware at what price we are prepared to deal?
  4. The African

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I suppose it depends when the madness begins. You can either swim against the tide or join in the flow of general nonsense. I would add that I am a big fan of the theatre of the absurd and have also just returned from a funeral where I may have partaken of a little too much whisky.
  5. The African

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Cillian has just finished with the Wellington Phoenix in the A League this season. He was sensational. okay, he was pretty shite, but that is the standard here.
  6. The African

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Sometimes you have to be ridiculous to make your point.
  7. The African


    Of course it is possible to plan for an eventuality before it actually happens.
  8. The African


    If we can get £3 million from Celtic, surely to God we could get it from someone down south?
  9. The African


    Didn’t see the Cyprus game, but watched the Belgium match. I thought that we were organised but offered little going forward. Turnbull probably better off not being included at this stage really.
  10. The African


    I agree with what you are saying. It cannot be just about the money. We also should be taking into considering what is best for the career development of the player involved. He is only nineteen and, depending on his maturity, then each specific option offers him different challenges and opportunities. It would also be wise to take into account what the player wants to do. Yes, these are important decisions for our club, and making any move will have consequences, good and bad, but their will be other players. Turnbull has one career, and while the wrong move now may not be a catastrophe, making the right move could see him go all the way to the top. I do hope that, as a club, we see the mutual benefit in helping Turnbull on his career path. Players are more than just assets, to be used and traded.
  11. The African

    Hall of Fame

    No point in getting too excited about the possibility of Tom Boyd being inducted. He probably wouldn't want it anyway. A simple " No arseholes " rule should suffice in this instance.
  12. The African


    I hope you are right. But standing still or going backwards is taking a chance.
  13. The African

    Hall of Fame

    The capped for Scotland thing is probably not relevant, as there seem to have been times when it has been seriously difficult for 'well players to get capped. From the early 1979s, when Scotland started using a squad system which, to be fair, was pretty successful, it seemed almost impossible for a Motherwell players get a look in. Was anyone capped in the seventies before Willie P? And even after him, who was the next 'well player to be capped? Tom Boyd? So not ,perhaps,the best criteria for Hall of Fame membership?
  14. The African


    Just something to consider before we take the cash. What would be the cost of getting relegated and spending a few years in the Championship? If we struggle next season and the rebuild does not go as well as planned, a quality player like Turnbull could make all the difference between tenth and survival and the play offs or the dreaded drop. Dundee United are currently proving that the Championship is a seriously difficult league to get out of.
  15. The African

    Hall of Fame

    Joe Wark.

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