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  1. Been out of town with work all day and turned into a twelve hour shift. Deliberately did not check the result online until I got home. A bit knackered but thoroughly delighted! What a cracking result. Now going on YouTube to check out the highlights.
  2. Generally think that a point away at Aberdeen is a decent return. Would add that,at present, we are more than capable of getting one. As such, I tend to get greedy and think that we could sneek a win. They are scarcely worldbeaters and if we go with the right attitude and tactics there is no reason we cannot get a result.
  3. Whatever way you look at it, this isn't a great look for Robinson or the club. At the moment, the club statement is really all that can be said or done. We obviously have to wait for the outcome of the trial before we can deal with any conclusions that the court reaches.
  4. If he has gone to Sunderland, then it looks like Laverton was not really a n option, budget wise, for us. I tend to think that, longer term, using the second half of the season to give some of our youngsters an opportunity might be the way to go. We are safe for this season, so why spend money we don't really have n the type of player available at his stage of a season, when we could bring in young talent that would benefit from the experience of coming into a confident and, currently, winning environment. We always seem to hear that young players are not ready forthe step up, but at least we could give them a chance in an atmosphere where they are free to play their own game without a poor performance having too dire consequences. Show a little faith and who knows what we might achieve?
  5. Excellent news regarding Carson signing on for another couple of seasons. He has proven to be both loyal and patient and certainly deserves a new deal, hopefully, for his sake, on improved terms. With regard to Mark Gillespie, the ball is very firmly now in his court. I am pretty sure that is form will have attracted attention from other clubs, so he may get other offers. We may even get a bid or two for him in the transfer window which we would then Ben a position to accept. More likely that he will sign a pre contract deal, which is fine. It is how the system works. As with Carson, he has been great for us and we could not seriously begrudge either of them a move which improves their financial position or enhances their career. It will be interesting to see how long our offer to him stays on the table though, and what happens with selection after the break if he doesn't resign with us.
  6. A wake up call for us. The one thing that our history tells all Motherwell fans is that hubris is followed by nemesis. Or to put it another way, as soon as we get ahead of ourselves, sure as eggs is eggs, we come a cropper. The only upside from today, and this is clutching at more straws than someone doing a tandem parachute jump with Wurzel Gummidge, is that we may learn from this performance and not see another like it this season.
  7. Any kind of win will do for me. Three points and keep the feel good feeling going into the break. Anyone who thinks it will be a canter is kidding themselves. The standard from third to twelfth in our league doesn't span too much of a quality gap. Throw in the local derby factor and you can take nothing for granted. Let's hope that the growing confidence within the squad from a great run of results and decent performances is enough to get the job done.
  8. If we lose both it may be a farce, but not one of our making. The transfer market for goalkeepers seems to be very different from other positions. Verges clubs seem to be prepared to offer even half decent money for them. Both Carson and Gillespie have been made offers which is all we can do. If they are offered more elsewhere, and take it, then good luck to them. Having said that, I rate both of them highly and would be more than delighted if either were to sign on for a longer stay at Fir Park.
  9. Agree that a point would not be the worst result. Ross County are not doing much away from home (dodgy smash and grab at Fir Park accepted) so going to Dingwall will undoubtedly be a battle. As for presuming anything about the following fixture, I've been a 'well fan too long to make that mistake. Concentrate on the job in hand, be professionally focused and up for the fight and then let's see what it gets us. Oh, and a Merry Christmas to all Motherwell fans, wherever it may find you, seeing as it is Christmas morning here in Aotearoa.
  10. I think the only contribution we would be making would be to Rangers' wage budget. A fit Murphy would be a genuine asset, but one that we would likely struggle to afford. An unfit Murphy would be a waste of our limited resources. I like Murphy. He was a event player for us and did well after he moved on. The facts remain that a loan or permanent move for him would be an expensive gamble with a limited chance of a decent return. I think it is a risk we currently should avoid.
  11. Key game for us. Need to get back on track before the winter break and not take our eye off the ball with distractions elsewhere, like Killie's management situation, or indeed our own manager's extracurricular activities. This has to be seen as the first opportunity of three to get a good haul of points from these three matches and put us in poll position for a good final league placing. No need for wholesale changes. We were doing okay until Sunday. All things considered, I'd probably take a point right now.
  12. They will both get plenty of game time if we get a decent offer for big Declan in January.
  13. On live in New Zealand as well. After midnight local time, but what the heck. I don't think my work schedule for the rest of Monday is too hectic.
  14. So what, exactly, has he been charged with? Seems a fairly important fact to have been left out of the article.
  15. I think the fact they are a bunch of cheating' bastards will possibly give them an age. Has worked well for them in the past.

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