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  1. The African

    2018’19 Game 18:Celtic (A) Wednesday 19th December 2018

    A chance for some minor experimentation with the expectation that we will get nothing from this fixture. I would consider resting Campbell and possibly one or two others that might need it. We have limited resources and will haveames coming up in the near future where they can be better employed. Not saying we give up on this one, and do not want us to take a hidingwhich could set us back in other matches, but we do need to think in terms of the bigger picture sometimes. Avoiding injuries and suspensions would be good. And will Gillespie save a third penalty? Likely to have a chance.
  2. The African

    2018’19 Game 17:St Johnstone (A) Saturday 15th December 2018

    Great result for us and much credit to those of you who made the effort to go and support the team on what seemed an awful day. I would throw in a word of caution though. I think that both St Mirren and Dundee have shown signs of improvement and, as such, we will have to do the same. It is probably premature to be talking about " safety" at this stage. Let's see where we are after we next play the teams below us. I would also suggest that the January window is not the time for anything more than tinkering with our squad. Major surgery, whilst the thought may appeal, is both a gamble and something a club on our budget can scarcely afford.
  3. The African

    2018’19 Game 17:St Johnstone (A) Saturday 15th December 2018

    Yeah. I remember going to a three nil defeat where we scarcely kicked a ball and big Sieb let a cross beat him at the back post. 4th September 1993. I went with my Dad. I was 26. It was a nice sunny day and took us an age to get out of the car park next to the stadium after the game. I also seem to remember Ally Graham coming on as a sub. I do remember a bit of banter with Billy Thompson about him going on up front to try and spark a revival. He said he was willing to give it a go.
  4. The African

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Andy Rose will be the sort of player we miss when he is gone. Not flashy or over endowed with talent, but happy to do the necessary donkey work and play his part in the team. He has done his bitwhile with us and good luck to him back in MLS. I doubt there would be any fee given we are letting him go under a “ gentleman’s agreement” that he could return to America if he got a genuine offer to do so. I suppose the only issue is, can we play him up until the 1st January? If injury would scupper his move, it might put the player in a difficult position.
  5. The African

    2018’19 Game 17:St Johnstone (A) Saturday 15th December 2018

    Our record up there is pure unadulterated shite. Anything from this fixture will be remarkable.
  6. The African

    2018’19 Game 16:Hearts (A) Saturday 8th December 2018

    Again anything from this fixture should be seen as a bonus. Hopefully we out in animproved performance and we will see what we get. Aldred and McHugh at centre of the defence. Tait as fullback, though which side is debatable. Johnson and Main up front. A midfield from our collection of plodders and youngsters.Right now, I’d exclude Rose from initial selection given I thought he was the poorest on show on Wednesday. As such, I fully expect him to score a screamer at Tynecastle.
  7. The African

    Celtic Man of the Match

    Gillespie for me. No chance with the goal, solid throughout, and the penalty save kept us in the game.
  8. The African

    2018’19 Game 15:Celtic (H) Wednesday 5th December 2018

    I will take that. Celtic will be kicking themselves but, as WC Fields said, never give a sucker an even break. We weren’t in any way good, but we stuck in, took the punches they managed to land, a certain amount of belief visibly grew as the second half progressed, and, for once against this lot, we got a break. We were brave, and fortune favours the brave.
  9. The African

    2018’19 Game 15:Celtic (H) Wednesday 5th December 2018

    Lots of effort, precious little else. Great save from the penalty the highlight for me.
  10. The African

    2018’19 Game 15:Celtic (H) Wednesday 5th December 2018

    Well it is live on BEIN2 in New Zealand. Probably one way to start my day off on the wrong foot.
  11. The African

    2018’19 Game 15:Celtic (H) Wednesday 5th December 2018

    Is this a game we can write off and go for damage limitation from the outset? Probably not. Hopefully we can catch them on an off night and get right in amongst them. Cannot see anything but a defeat though. Just hope there is not any significant or long term damage.
  12. The African

    2018’19 Game 14: Livingston (A) Saturday 1st December 2018

    Do we have any? Not Carson, illness means he is probably out for the rest of the season. Cadden? Injured at present, though may sign a pre contract elsewhere. Turnbull? Too early to tell if he is the real deal. Genuinely think he would do well to stay and take his opportunity to develop at Fir Oark, but it would not be the first time a young player gets his head turned by a more lucrative deal elsewhere. Would not be going in January though. Anyone else? If we got an offer of any sort, given our model as a “selling” club, we would probably take it. Maybe excluding Campbell, but, as said by others elsewhere, his development has stalled badly and this needs to be addressed.
  13. The African

    2018’19 Game 14: Livingston (A) Saturday 1st December 2018

    If Hartley is suspended, I would bring in Dunne, if fit. If they Dunne is not ready, then the options are Donnelly or Maguire. I’d like to see Maguire given the nod but the best of luck to whoever is given the start. This is an important game as three points will go some way towards keeping us on the tail of the bunch above us.
  14. The African

    2018’19 Game 13: Aberdeen (H) Saturday 24th November 2018

    Need to see a reaction after a very poor showing at Ibrox. I think we will see one and if we do put in a decent shift there is no reason to think that we cannot take something from the fixture. I reckon a 1-1 draw.
  15. The African

    Under 20's

    A good effort by the youngsters in this competition. We are obviously doing something right. Now we have to do the difficult bit and find. The way of transferring that youthful ability into the first team environment.

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