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    Big Dec

    Certainly wouldn't disagree with that. We need to find a system and formation that all our players are comfortable and best suits their abilities. I feel that the loss of Donnelly has probably prompted the move to a back five. His defensive sweeping in front of our back four was a big factor in our success last season.
  2. The African

    Big Dec

    The key to getting the best out of Gallagher is probably as much to do with inding the right player o partner him at centre back. A so,I'd experienced operator like a fit Peter Hartley would take a fair bit of responsibility and pressure off and allow him to concentrate on his own performance. There is also a case for looking at the captaincy and maybe letting Carson take the armband for a few games. As our friend from Texas says, he is a good player and he will come good. We simply have to find a way to get to that situation sooner rather than later.
  3. The decision to not resign both Tait and Hartley was probably sound on a footballing sense. They both poked like they were on a downward curve in terms of performance and fitness.The nature and quality of their replacements is another matter entirely.
  4. I am not saying that the draw this season was not favourable. However, we obviously have different opinions as to how good we currently are.
  5. The truth is that we have probably done as well as could have been expected in Europe this season. In reality, the draw was pretty favourable with two teams from Nirthern Ireland before getting a side rated higher than us. The Covid situation with "one off" fixtures and no supporters in the ground was probably also in our favour. I think it is fair to say that it would Bea major shock if any Scottish team, out with the old firm, were to make the group stages of the Europa League. As such, it seems churlish to criticise our team and players for their failure to do so. It is a money making exercise and we have, to a certain degree, achieved that particular goal.
  6. Would love a win. Would take a draw. Will probably have to settle for bugger all. In truth, given how things have gone this season, anything will be a pleasant surprise and a bonus.
  7. Not forgetting that baldy guy we signed from St Johnstone. Ironically, I cannot remember his name.... Edit - Simon Mensing. I remembered.
  8. Trev, all the way. The only other contender would be theeferee, given the effect his performance had on the outcome of the match.
  9. Away at Greenock when we went on to win the cup? Is this a sign I ask myself? Dont be so f*ck*n' stupid, I quickly retort.
  10. Well we are through, somehow. Got to love the roller coaster. A result that throws up ore questions than answers though.
  11. Not sure why we should be worried about this one. A great opportunity to get through to the next round and even beyond that. Raises the international profile of the club and gaining a good few extra shekels at the same time. The worst case scenario is we get knocked out now and we have still made a few quid. As I see it, we literally have nothing to lose. As for this fixture specifically, I expect Colraine to be better than Glentoran and their result in the last round shows that they have something about them. This is an exciting tie against new opposition. If we cannot get ourselves up for it and produce a performance then we need to have a good look at ourselves, poor start to the season, or not.
  12. A day when the result was way more important than the performance. A win and a clean sheet will do for me now. Get through on Thursday night and then use the cash windfall to address some of the issues I need the squad.
  13. I admire your optimism. Grim experience has taught me that wins at Celtic Park are becoming rarer as the financial gap between the haves and have nots continues to increase, but we need to believe that a win is still possible.
  14. Murphy has only just turned thirty one, and is fondly remembered from the start of his career at Fir Park. He would definitely have been a step up in quality from what we currently have, though I agree with the suggestions that he was probably beyond our budget.
  15. Yes, I think most of us know where we need improving, but does Robinson? I think we have been a little unlucky with injuries, especially at left back, but we have been found wanting on too many occasions and it has cost us points. I agree that another centre half would be a priority. Someone akin to an Aldred or Hartley to add steel and leadership beside Gallagher, or as a replacement should we receive a decent offer for him. Up front I also agree that our wide players aren't cutting it. I do feel that Long, Lang and Watt have the ability for this level and it is probably unfair to judge White at this early stage but it is possible that he will never make the step up. Seedorf has shown signs of improvement but we are not in the position to be able to give him too many games to see if this will continue. Hastie looks off the pace and if Hylton is considered behind those options then he probably isn't the answer. I think that, in the search for versatility in our attacking options, we have ended up with a number of jack of all trades who can fill in a number of positions but who fail to excel at any of them.
  16. We are probably on a hiding to nothing with this game. As such, we have nothing much to lose as long as the outcome doesn't affect our performances in the next few games. I reckon that our best hope of taking anything from the game is to sit in and try and frustrate them. Whether we have the personnel to do that is another thing altogether. Lose an early goal though, and it could end being a very long afternoon. If nothing else, this fixture may help show up the areas of our squad which will need attention in the next few weeks if we are to see the team move in the right direction up the table.
  17. Fair enough. Just about getting over the fact that it was nearly thirty years ago.
  18. Boyd didn't go directly, at least. Though he undoubtedly was happy with his eventual arrival there. Not many would see Chelsea as a career stepping stone to the tattie bowl, but there you go.
  19. I think that tonight's result for Celtic should give David Turnbull something to think about career wise. A lot has happened since he was poised to join Celtic a year ago. I think it was a move that made enough sense then, but probably makes less sense now. He will have seen how quickly circumstances can change both personally and indeed globally. He is a year older but doesn't have many more footballing miles on the clock He is still a prodigious talent and has pretty much proven that he has come back from his injury and is fit enough to have a full and exciting career. The question is, what are his ambitions and what are the best way to achieve them. Any move to Celtic will undoubtedly involve a four or five year deal. Does the idea of several seasons playing against the same standard of opposition as he currently does for us really appeal? Yes, he will be on better money, yes he will probably pick up a bag full of medals, yes he will probably be fast tracked into the international side ( not sure if this is ultimately a great thing these days) but the idea of glamorous European nights is a bit of a myth and the advantage of staying close to home has to be balanced with the pressure that the doldfish bowl of playing for the old firm entails. I hope he considers his options carefully because he is both a genuine talent and he seems to have behaved very well throughout this saga. As for us, I am resigned to life without him in our ranks and just hope we get a decent price for him and do not squander it as we try and rebuild our season.
  20. So does this mean that Scott McDonald is now free and available to come to our rescue? Anyone got Stephen Pearson's mobile number?
  21. If David Turnbull is still a Motherwell player on Thursday then he should play against Glentoran. Winning that game and securing the extra cash that would come from making the next round has to be our priority. As for how the club acts in order to counter the current apathy in our support, how about showing a little backbone and putting the interests of our club first? Rather than bending over backwards to accommodate the best interests of a competitor who will no doubt be making a bid which, in the current market, is unlikely to be close to his real value.
  22. Not a great start to the season. When you throw in how we were playing before the previous season was curtailed and you can see that the pattern is very much one of recent underachievement and a downward spiral towards the championship. I would discount preseason because of the abstract circumstances we, and everyone else, found themselves in. The recruitment looked promising but that now looks, like our third place finish, like a false premise. In short, we are in the mire and need to find a way out of it. What seems to be lacking, on every level, is leadership. I appreciate that playing without a crowd is going to be a new experience, but it falls on the players to motivate themselves and their teammates. I quite understand the footballing rationale behind the decision to let Peter Hartley go, but I doubt he would have been happy with the standards that the current side is setting, and he wouldn't have been slow in telling them about it. If the senior professionals cannot find it within themselves to take on that mantle then we need to look elsewhere for someone who can supply it. with regard to our current woes up front, we probably need to look at the qualities of the players we ave and try and get the best out of them. I feel Robinson has been guilty of looking for versatility in his forwards rather than using what we have to the best of their abilities. I wouldn't discount any of them yet, but they all have something to prove. The road to redemption should start at training on Monday. The riot act should be read and those who don't fancy the hard work and fight to get us out of the mess we find ourselves in should be told that their futures lie elsewhere. We have the chance of getting some much needed cash from our European adventure and then basically a free hit against Celtic. If there are no visible signs of improvement in these two fixtures then things begin to look pretty bad for Robinson. I am generally not in favour of reacting in such a drastic manner, but there does come a time when a manager has nothing left to offer. I sincerely hope we are not there yet.
  23. Am I right in thinking that goalkeepers are still a special case when it comes to an emergency loan signing out with any transfer window? If so, then another goalie for the squad might not be so pressing a concern.
  24. I am sure that he is a decent enough guy, and that his heart is in the right place, but as an ex Rangers " corner boy" ( my grandfathers unflattering description) he is never going to be popular at Fir Park. I will also throw in that fact that, as a pundit for BBC Scotland, he, on more than one occasion, championed the idea that, if leading by a single goal with a couple of minutes remaining, it was better to hit a shot off target to waste time rather than get it on target and increase your lead. A true exponent of the beautiful game. And did I mention that he played for Rangers? I bet he secretly hates John Motson.

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