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  1. TvTotherwell

    Season 2018-19 home and away kit thread

    If I loose a few pounds I recon I could get into a large boys.
  2. TvTotherwell

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Great to see deals getting done fairly early. always good to be done and dusted well before the window closes.
  3. I cant take this anymore. Are they just never going to be allowed to loose now?
  4. Last time i was there we won 5-1 (2013/14?) sadly can't go this weekend!
  5. TvTotherwell

    2015/16 Ins & Outs

    Make sure you set his training to fitness till as least October! Then set to General.
  6. TvTotherwell

    2015/16 Ins & Outs

    Would McDonald be classed as a new signing?
  7. TvTotherwell

    Expectations For Season 2015/16

    The way things are going there will be a real buzz in the dressing room and in the stands! half the problem last year was confidence ! Top 4 a cup final day back to the days we have become acustom to over the last 6/7 years
  8. TvTotherwell

    2015/16 Ins & Outs

    great to see all these signings coming in, juast hope that IB has done his homework on the new guys and hasn't just picked up the first available!
  9. TvTotherwell

    2015/16 Ins & Outs

  10. TvTotherwell

    Next Season's Strip

    I've checked this thread about 20 times today. I get way too excited about a new strip !
  11. TvTotherwell

    2015/16 Ins & Outs

    Hmm can't say that he gives me that "funny feeling in my tummy"
  12. TvTotherwell

    2015/16 Ins & Outs

    Can't say I'll be too sad to see the back of Sutton. never took to him first time around and still haven't this time.
  13. TvTotherwell

    Worst Midfielders To Grace The Claret & Amber

    Where is Tom Hatley in they choices ? He (thought he ) was a midfielder
  14. TvTotherwell

    Five Year Old Son, First Well Game.

    Don't think you'll get away from the language where ever you go, Be a few complaints about the language in the cooper on here in the past. suppose it comes hand in hand with going to the games. I take my nephew ( to the east stand, He's gives the occasional OMG look when he hears something but I just start talking about the game with him and the moment is then gone. Also. . . .Took him to his first away game at Partick. Never seen a kid so happy at a game.
  15. TvTotherwell

    Kit Deal

    I want to buy this.

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