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  1. They didn't have much after Adam went off, we were just poor as apposed to them being better. Ojala was very impressive, so was Lamie tbf.
  2. Thought Slattery was good again and Ojala looks like he could be a good purchase. Glad Tony has found a home. We'd be lost without him.
  3. Roberts has been told he can leave Hearts. Wouldn't be a bad signing if we can get him in.
  4. Pretty sure I seen big Rooney outside Anzars in mossend last night. Got me thinking they might rest a few players for the Europa League game if he's back down the road. It's no a massive drive up but a big dirty kebab the night before a game mibby isn't the best idea if he's playing.
  5. You'd imagine the club put a lot of thought into the decision before putting in a request. I think it's fair to say that we can trust the club these days to make the right decision and have the best interests of the club and supporters in mind. I don't see us as a club trying to stay afloat any more but more a club trying to progress and achieve as much success as we can.
  6. Nice away win to get us off the mark. After Sundays performance and Saints having a trip oot to Turkey for a potential pumping. I think we'll have too much for them.
  7. That's fair enough if the home fans are able to take up all the allocation allowed by the LA but if they don't then it's a bit annoying. Not sure if our allocation was 6500 and we have gave 2k to Hibs or that was a stipulation with the LA.
  8. I'm not going to predict the league but I think Celtic might struggle for 2nd if Aberdeen and Hibs can get their finger out. I still have faith in GA so 7/8th potentially top 6 for us. Dundee Utd, Livi and County in the mix for relegation. Also don't see hearts doing as well as everyone expects.
  9. I'd be stuck with two teenagers and a 5 y/o. I might "take one for the team" and sit alone
  10. Hibs tickets applied for. Annoying as there's 5 of us sit together but can only add 3 to my application. Looks like me or the Mrs might be sitting on our jack Jones if we are not in the same stand.
  11. Folks who were there yesterday, what's your thoughts on all season ticket holders getting into the Hibs game? Could the club manage this safely across all 4 stands?
  12. So. . . . . . The Hibs game. 2-1 to the good guys. Polworth getting both after winning the ball on the half way line and holding of three defender with a powerful run into the box.
  13. Hope this manager merry-go-round comes to and end soon. i wouldn't grudge Robbo the N Ireland job, but would love him to stay to the end of the season and see what he can get out this young team.
  14. Hibs hit them for two goals on Saturday night, There's no reason why we can't do the same. 2-1 to the good guys.
  15. Forget about moving and invest in training facilities and youth. Our away stand (I recon) is a great size to generate income from the bigger teams like the ugly sister, Hearts, Hibs and Aberdeen. They all bring decent size crowds. Having a Livingston/St Mirren type stadium could/would reduce the ticket money from away fans. We've been praised by travelling fans (with families) for our pricing structure of late. That makes us an appealing away day.

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