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  1. So. . . . . . The Hibs game. 2-1 to the good guys. Polworth getting both after winning the ball on the half way line and holding of three defender with a powerful run into the box.
  2. Hope this manager merry-go-round comes to and end soon. i wouldn't grudge Robbo the N Ireland job, but would love him to stay to the end of the season and see what he can get out this young team.
  3. Hibs hit them for two goals on Saturday night, There's no reason why we can't do the same. 2-1 to the good guys.
  4. Forget about moving and invest in training facilities and youth. Our away stand (I recon) is a great size to generate income from the bigger teams like the ugly sister, Hearts, Hibs and Aberdeen. They all bring decent size crowds. Having a Livingston/St Mirren type stadium could/would reduce the ticket money from away fans. We've been praised by travelling fans (with families) for our pricing structure of late. That makes us an appealing away day.
  5. Jake Hastie loaned to Rotherham Utd. When will young players realize that taking the "big money" isn't always the best thing for their career. Good luck to him.
  6. According to their forums he's having his medical just now.
  7. He's removed the @MotherwellFC Link from his twitter account.
  8. If I loose a few pounds I recon I could get into a large boys.
  9. Great to see deals getting done fairly early. always good to be done and dusted well before the window closes.
  10. I cant take this anymore. Are they just never going to be allowed to loose now?
  11. Last time i was there we won 5-1 (2013/14?) sadly can't go this weekend!
  12. Make sure you set his training to fitness till as least October! Then set to General.
  13. Would McDonald be classed as a new signing?
  14. The way things are going there will be a real buzz in the dressing room and in the stands! half the problem last year was confidence ! Top 4 a cup final day back to the days we have become acustom to over the last 6/7 years
  15. great to see all these signings coming in, juast hope that IB has done his homework on the new guys and hasn't just picked up the first available!

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