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  1. Good post. Not sure he managed to get many games at Man City as I was watching that too?
  2. Probably are Oz Steelman. A few others then...Jackie McInally (hoy hoy hoy), Tricky Vicky Davidson, Willie Watson, Billy Campbell and Tom Forsyth.
  3. Yep last post, Keith McRae, Stewart Rennie, Peter Millar, Big John Goldthorpe (saw his miss from a yard out), Joe Wark, Bobby Watson, Bobby Graham (my hero as a teenager)...the list goes on....
  4. The Adam Cummins that's listed, is that his full surname or is his surname Cummins?
  5. Disappointed by the goal they scored after we defended so well before that. You couldn't even look at a celtic player without the ref blowing the whistle, really over the top in my opinion. Pity we didn't score but oh well, I don't care we are still the Motherwell FC and I don't give a damn about celtic. Onwards to Europe!
  6. :whistling:Biased commentary or what on First Row.
  7. You can't score if you are stuck in your own penalty area. We need to slow the game down and get up the park.
  8. Normally I would be pessimistic about our chances at Celtic Park but to be honest I have every confidence in the way we are playing that we can get something out of this game. Even though Celtic are playing very well, so are we and maybe this time we can match them and have no fear of coming away with a point. Hell let's just go out and win the damn thing! 'Mon the 'Well.
  9. Funny listening to "Oh Jeeze" in the commentary. Mon ye 'Well

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