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  1. dinnae-punt-it

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I believe it is actually pronounced Fané as in rhymes with plane, but everyone in UK will inevitably end up calling him Fané as in rhymes with fanny.
  2. dinnae-punt-it

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I always thought that Arjen Robben was a bit of a one trick pony i.e. come inside on to left foot for shot; but he was very good at it and has made a superb career out of it. Not saying Jake is anywhere close, but it shows that being predictable doesn’t mean you can stop him doing it, if he gets very good at it. For Scotland’s sake, I hope he goes on to have a good career. We can be proud that he was made in Motherwell. Just a shame it is going to be with The Rangers.
  3. dinnae-punt-it

    2019-20 Rebuild

    The club obviously got burned with Dom Thomas and Ross MacLean, where they handed out long term contracts and didn’t get much back in return.
  4. dinnae-punt-it

    Motherwell Fantasy Kits

    These fantasy kits cropped up on a foreign website. Just some guy messing about, but both look decent
  5. dinnae-punt-it

    Motherwell Fantasy Kits

    These fantasy kits cropped up on a foreign website. Just some guy messing about, but both look decent
  6. Ooofft. How that ended up in the net, I’ll never know, but I’ll take it. Some run.
  7. I think the two formations together are leaving both teams exposed. We are struggling to defend their top 3 with Ikpeazu causing a lot of trouble. When we attack, there back 3 can be got at. Steven Robinson has a few things to consider at the break. Bolt has been very quite other than a couple of runs, same goes for Hastie. Midfield look a little stretched. May need to consider a formation change to win this game; either that or tidy up a few aspects and hope we get a goal and hold on. A draw wouldn’t be the end of the world. FUCKING HATE NAISIMTH! How does he get away with refereeing games. Always in the refs ear.
  8. dinnae-punt-it

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Maybe that will put the rumours to bed, well at least for a bit.
  9. dinnae-punt-it

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47265833 Motherwell: Jake Hastie on Gareth Bale, autographs & contract talks By Scott Mullen BBC Sport Scotland 3 hours ago Jake Hastie scores incredble long-range shot against St Mirren "I still watch him now and try to replicate him. Before games, I go on to YouTube and watch some of his clips and a couple of his goals." Inspiration can be found in the most unusual places in football. The training ground, the moment of genius of a team-mate, or even a hair-dryer team-talk from an irate manager. For Motherwell's Jake Hastie, it is in watching online videos of his idol and Real Madrid superstar Gareth Bale. The 19-year-old has shot to prominence since returning to Fir Park from a loan spell at Alloa Athletic, scoring four goals and creating one in just five games. However, Well fans thinking the blistering runs and aggressive attacking play are all down to him would be mistaken. "I looked up to Gareth Bale a lot when I was younger," Hastie told BBC Scotland ahead of Sunday's Scottish Premiership match with Hearts. Reaction and re-live Saturday's action as it happened "When he was at Spurs in the Premier League before he made his move to Real Madrid, that's when I really focused on him. "Now, there's stuff he does that I try and replicate - especially his explosive runs. When I pick up the ball, I'll try and go to beat two or three players like he does. "I always do it then I'll watch him to see how I can work on my game and bring in certain aspects of his. I want to try and make something happen like he does." Jake Hastie has scored four goals in five games since returning to Motherwell in January Autographs, pictures & living the dream It is not often the comparison is made between a Motherwell youth academy player and the man who in 2013 held the world's biggest transfer fee at £85.3m. But the impact he has made at Fir Park cannot be questioned. Upon returning from Alloa, his goals, assists and dynamism have helped drive Stephen Robinson's side to five Scottish Premiership wins in a row. Hastie, who spent the first half of the season at the Championship club with four goals in 27 games, admits even he has been surprised by his rapid ascent. "It's like a dream come true," he said. "I came up through the academy from the age of nine and this has been my dream to break through. I just want to keep doing that. "My friend's little brother plays with one of the younger age groups, so I went down to see him. I then got out the car and people are asking for autographs and pictures. "It made me stand back. It blew me away a wee bit." Motherwell's Hastie a great kid - Robinson 'I don't want to go anywhere' Hastie's current contract at the Scottish Premiership club runs out in the summer with negotiations ongoing about an extension. While a conclusion has yet to be reached, the forward's mind already seems made up. "I don't want to go anywhere," he said. "I want to stay here, keep my feet on the ground and keep progressing. "I've been lucky to come in straight away. Hopefully I can keep doing what I'm doing."
  10. dinnae-punt-it

    Craig Tanner (the forgotten man)

    Where are you getting that from. Club website says his contract is up in June 2019.
  11. dinnae-punt-it

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Curtis Main is doing exactly what he has done throughout his entire career, which is not score very often. Nobody should be overly surprised by his form. We’d be best cutting our losses in the summer.
  12. dinnae-punt-it

    2018'19 Game 23:Dundee (A) Saturday 26th January 2019

    Trust me, I’ve tried, but they now refuse to go as they think it is boring! Following Motherwell is a lot of things, but it is never boring!
  13. dinnae-punt-it

    2018'19 Game 23:Dundee (A) Saturday 26th January 2019

    Yeah, watching the game on Wednesday night on a dodgy stream got my juices flowing again. An absolutely sensational goal set up by Hastie and finished by Turnbull. Love a first time finish, shows he has superb confidence in his ability. My enthusiasm is so great for today’s game that I’m going on my own. My old man passed away a few years back when he was just shy of 60 and my boys, who are 6 & 8 show no interest in watching football so far. Still love going to games though and you can always manage to strike up a conversation with a fellow dosser.
  14. dinnae-punt-it

    2018'19 Game 23:Dundee (A) Saturday 26th January 2019

    Is it PATG today and if so, what is parking like round the ground?
  15. dinnae-punt-it

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    Robinson needs to pull a couple of top signings out the bag as this squad has very few match winners. Down the years our good teams have always had goal scorers. Right now, we are struggling to score in most matches. That’s why the heat is on him. If he doesn’t resolve that, we are in trouble.

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