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  1. Liam Pollworth for me. Assisted both goals.
  2. Big Declan reminds me of big Brian ‘Buff’ Martin, has got better with age and made it into the Scotland squad after plying his trade for the Mighty Well. G’oan yesel big man.
  3. Good article on our scouting process: The Motherwell talent spotter hailed Fir Park's unsung hero after unearthing stars Former Port Vale, York and Hereford boss Martin Foyle’s encyclopaedic knowledge of English football’s lower reaches is paying dividends for Well. (Image: Getty) Former Port Vale, York and Hereford boss Martin Foyle’s encyclopaedic knowledge of English football’s lower reaches is paying dividends for Well. Martyn Corrigan has revealed Motherwell’s head of recruitment Martin Foyle is leaving no stone unturned as they unearth hidden gems for the club. But the former Fir Park defender and current scout insists his boss has become the club’s unsung hero as a precious star spotter. Stephen Robinson’s side racked up a third win in a row with a weekend success at Hearts and a host of Foyle’s treasures were on show at Tynecastle. Sherwin Seedorf and Jermaine Hylton were both on target as they continue to excel at Well after being drafted in this summer from relative obscurity. (Image: SNS Group) Corrigan insists ex-Port Vale, York and Hereford boss Foyle’s encyclopedic knowledge of English football’s lower reaches is paying dividends at a club with one of the Premiership’s lowest budgets. He said: “There’s no secret to the success of Motherwell’s recruitment, it’s down to Martin Foyle. “Then it’s about Stephen Robinson giving his approval but it’s a process that leaves no stone unturned. “Martin covers the whole of Britain. I cover Scotland and he travels the length and breadth of the country looking at players in the lower leagues. “He’s bringing in diamonds and we can see again this season he’s unearthed a few more. “Martin’s a workaholic, he’s watching games every day, sometimes he’s at two or three in the one day to try and find players who can come into Scottish football and perform. “He spends most of his life in his car and living out of a suitcase as he’s on the road constantly travelling to games. “The big thing about Martin is the homework he does and the fine detail, that’s what I’ve learned from him. It’s not just about the player, it’s the person.” 09/11/04 CIS CUP QUARTER FINAL LIVINGSTON v MOTHERWELL (0-5) CITY STADIUM - LIVINGSTON Craig Easton tackles Motherwell's Martyn Corrigan (front). 9716 CIS Livingston 2004/2005 Football Landscape Double Action Corrigan spent eight years at Well as a player and he’s relishing his off-field role in identifying targets fit to wear the jersey. He said: “I will watch a player three or four times then he’ll watch that player three or four times to make sure we’re bringing in the right characters. “That type has to be someone who’s prepared to work hard and wants to wear that jersey. They have to be prepared to give their all for the club. “Speed and athleticism are also high on our agenda when we target players. We don’t have the budget to take gambles – we need to be precise about what we want and are getting and Martin is a master at that. “The fact he’s managed and played at a decent level obviously helps and his contacts down south are varied.” The likes of Trevor Carson, Cedric Kipre, Charles Dunne and former players Louis Moult and Curtis Main have all been recruited for a relative pittance and Corrigan revealed all have had the hand of Foyle searching through their backgrounds. He said: “Social media is a big thing now when you look at a player. I know Martin’s big on that when he’s doing his research on a potential signing. “You can tell so much about a person by looking at their Twitter or Facebook accounts and that’s a useful tool. “The last thing we want is a player to come in and upset the apple cart. What we do is target potential then Stephen and his coaches work to make them more of a finished article.” https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/motherwell-talent-spotter-hailed-fir-20077539
  4. I too can’t quite accept that we’re done as he made it clear he wanted a striker and a centre half. Perhaps we might have our eye on someone who had negotiated a release from their contract.
  5. So anyone got any insight as to who we might sign tomorrow?
  6. dinnae-punt-it

    Vs Hibs

    For a guy who passes very well, how come Polworth can’t shoot?!?
  7. Robbo himself said he is looking for a center half and a striker: Robinson is also continuing his search to improve his squad, and while he wouldn’t be drawn on a move for Celtic defender Jack Hendry, he did admit that he is still hoping to strengthen several areas of his side. “I won’t discuss anyone else’s players,” he said. “I’m looking at every area still. “Peter Hartley was unavailable for the game last Friday due to family reasons, and that made me realise we are a little bit short. “We had a deal fall through for a centre-forward that we thought we might have got in, so everything is ongoing at the minute.” https://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/17858270.stephen-robinson-hopes-motherwell-clean-bill-health-derby/
  8. I was taken a back by how scared of a tackle Seedorf seemed to be. He needs to grow a set if he is going to make it in this league.
  9. I’m really frustrated by that performance. We have wingers who can’t beat their man. Seedorf looks petrified of a kick in the shins, so so soft. Devante Cole and Long couldn’t trap a bag of cement. Campbell and Donnelly look like their pulling a tyre behind them. Dunne and Gallagher spend ages passing the ball between themselves and don’t get my started on Tait, i’ve never seen a player get caught out of position so often. The young lad Hickey is 10 times the full back he is. Really really poor. Can’t see where the goals are coming from this year. I’m away to kick the dog.
  10. As much as it pains me to say it, I thought the lad Ajer was immense today. He bullied our players all game. Man mountain next to Hylton.
  11. Who is in fact Jonathan Obika who signed for St Mirren.
  12. @joewarkfanclub This was the guy that sparked the original Benteke rumours.
  13. Have you guys learned nothing. Louis Moult couldn’t get a game when he first joined and went on to be a hero. Some players take time to adapt to the intensity of Scottish football. He may turn out to be a poor singing, but give him a chance to settle and support him in this endeavour.

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