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  1. Very good performance with a few players hitting the best form they’ve shown since they came in and Kelly outstanding again.
  2. Good point. Their goal definitely looked offside.
  3. Full game is on BBC Alba at 6:00pm for anyone who wants to avoid the score and watch it “live”.
  4. Here comes White to make Lamie look good.
  5. Were we not 1-1 at Ibrox when he came on?
  6. Those substitutions were horrendous. If I was a player I’d be totally pissed off at having worked my arse off only for the manager to make a total arse of it.
  7. Just watched the highlights on Sportscene and it’s worrying to hear Robinson thinks we played well.
  8. That was a tough watch. How some of these players have made it to professional level is beyond me.
  9. GrahamH

    Big Dec

    What if we played the same team today and they were still done in from Thursday and lost the game? Do we then ask them to go again on Wednesday or play a weakened team in a potential win or bust game? Surely better to take a calculated risk today and then have the strongest team fit and fresh for Wednesday?
  10. The likelihood of taking 3 points and improving their goal difference probably comes into their thinking as well.
  11. What happened to the days where every player would fight for every ball, defenders would defend as if their lives depended on it, the goalkeeper would pull off a string of great saves and we’d walk away with the points? Nowadays Celtic just have to sit back and wait for us to gift them a goal.
  12. Given the current situation where we could lose players without notice I’d say it’s more important to give minutes to those you could be relying on to start games. Add in that the game was won and there was no pressure on those coming on it was an ideal chance to give Crawford his debut and get game time for Hastie who’s been struggling for confidence.
  13. I’m pretty sure Rangers will be monitoring his loan period and will be keen that he gets game time. If he’s not going to get it with us they’ll take him back and send him out elsewhere as he’s out on loan for his development not to sit on our bench.
  14. I thought the same and also to give them game minutes after a long lay off. Rightly or wrongly they are more likely to be called upon in the near future so there’s no point in bringing youngsters on for the sake of it at this stage of the season.
  15. Possibly an injured player so wouldn’t be training or mixing with the main squad? I assume they’d be tested as a matter of course. If it’s not this then I’m with you on wondering how it’s possible. Edit: I see Ropy beat me to it.
  16. I don’t think anybody is suggesting we should be winning the league. We should be able to compete in the odd one-off game though. Our record against them is deplorable.
  17. This is an absolute embarrassment. What a shambles of a team. There are several players that need shown the door but the issue is that it would be the same people bringing in the replacements.
  18. Anybody who thinks we’d be getting these decisions is having a laugh.
  19. Take out the “slow as” and it’s also accurate.
  20. Thought he ran off O’Donnell and Gallagher tried to cover for him.
  21. Are you sure? They’ve come to an agreement to defer Johnny Hayes wages for a year as they can’t afford them and they made a deal to sign McCrorie on a season long loan before becoming permanent as they can’t afford to sign him now.
  22. Looking dangerous every time we go forward. Aberdeen are all over the place.
  23. IMO he’s the weak link in a back 4, more comfortable in a 3.
  24. Brilliant entertainment. Never doubted them for a minute.
  25. To put this into context - this is a part-time team whose season hasn’t started yet against a full-time team 7 games into the season. Absolutely pathetic and there is zero confidence in that team for a penalty shoot-out.

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