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  1. Was anyone at the Florida Park Pub pre kick off? Absolute disgrace the wee 'casuals' that caused trouble in there! The sooner national service comes back the better; send those wee c***s to iraq! Throwing glasses and chairs in a pub that wheelcahir users are in is a disgrace! Hope the wee fat 15 year old with the mullet that got sparkled's face is hurting. Embaressment to Motherwell today!
  2. airfinz

    Ins & Outs

    .....allied with the face he is utterly pish!
  3. With McHugh as back up. Hopefully the youngster can get a good opportunity for the second half of the season.
  4. Please no, Butcher is an awful manager!
  5. John Collins please - let's start reaping the rewards for our emphasis on developing young players.
  6. I am delighted, get the backward thinking scourge of Scottish Football to fuck and then I can start going back to FP! I fucking hate Craig Brown, and always have since his Scotland days! I blame him 100% for the state of our nation's football, and have made loads of posts previously! I am glad that everyone else thinks he's a c**t now as well! Brown out, Collins in and my 1/2 season ticket will be well and truly purchased!!!
  7. I'm pretty disappointed - was hoping he would fuck off to be honest. Cant argue with his results, I'm just worried about the medium - long term. We dont need to sign new players at this stage, he should be spending time developing some of our youngsters.
  8. Disappointed that Murphy never got a call up, but there's time yet for him to improve. Would be disappoined to see Humph getting a call up.....I mean I like him and think he's got excellent potential, but his main drawback is that he's not Scottish. While being Scottish is not a deciding factor for Levein, is is for me. It is International football after all.
  9. airfinz

    Dario Quinn

    Hmmmm, I agree with you regarding the under 16s that he got to the final; however that was short term gain - long term pain at it's finest. As Wishy well alludes to, a number of youth teams prefer to get winning results to win games at that age to the detriment of 'ball players.' That is exactly the model Mr Brown adopted when masterminding the development of youth in Scotland. On route to the final, our team of big guys defeated a certain Portuguese side through power and size which allowed us to nullify their ball players, who tended to be much smaller. The Portuguese side included the following, all of whom went on to have very successful careers: - Vitor Baia - Fernando Couto - Paulo Sousa - Rui Costa - Luis Figo - Joau Pinto - Ricardo Sa Pinto (I think) - Paulo Futre (I think) Out of the Scottish team, only the couple of players made it to any sort of decent level, and they were the smaller guys in the squad - who were the best 'ball players.' The only one of the stronger guys in the team that had any sort of success in game was Gary Bollan. The guys that forged a decent career from our 16s were: - Paul Dickov - Brian O'Neil - Gary Bollan That is a shocking stat for an under 16 team that got to the world finals - not only that only 1 (perhaps 2 if Oneil got capped) made the full iternational team; but that only 3 actually managed to have a decent career in the game; particulary when compared with the Portuguese! That is why Craig Broon has a large chunk of the responsibility for the demise of his game! It is no coincidence that we stopped bringing through decent footballers from the point that Craig was the youth supremo. The pain of 2000's is a by product of the result focussed youths that were adopted by our national team, and followed by the clubs. Brown picked big guys to try and win the tournament to the detriment of the footballers - I'm pretty sure he has admitted that himself. The likes of Kevin Bain was able to easily handle Figo, Rui Costa et al when they were 15/16. I imagine that the same Portuguese side would have taken about 8 of the same Scotland side had they met when they were 18. Short term thinking at it's finest! Sorry for digressing from the main topic, but as I mentioned earlier I worry for our youth with CB at the helm.
  10. airfinz

    Dario Quinn

    If history has taught us anything about Craig Brown, it is that this current wave of Motherwell youngsters will fall by the wayside. Case study Nr1: Ross Forbes. Had an excellent start under Jim Gannon, when he tended to get played in his correct playmaking CM role. He started to wane towards the end of JG's tenure.........then something horrible happened to the lad (and probably the rest of the well kids)........we appointed Craig Brown. The way that Forbes has fallen from grace under Brown has been shocking. His confidence seems to be shot to bits due to being played out of position, in a position he clearly cannot play - Charlie Adam similarities anyone? I worry for McHugh. Seems like a prospect, but was prevented going out on loan last January by Broon, as he 'featured in our plans.' Since then, he has had a lot of 10-20 minute cameos, but that is it! Surely 6 months in the 1st div would have been far more benificial for Bob? Probably going against the grain, but despite the excellent short term results, I worry that our medium to long term plans are in jeopardy with CB as our main man. He is afterall, one of the 2 men (along with Roxburgh) who can take more than a portion of the blame for the state of our game.
  11. airfinz

    Russell Rodger

    Was the rector at my high school, and guided me and a few mates round Fir Park to some hilarity. RIP Russell Rodger Rector
  12. Which unfortunately I think is their level.
  13. Sorry pal, not sure if you know much about our game in the past 30 years, but him and Roxburgh carpet one hell of a lot of the blame for the state of our game. Ask yer da pal, or do a bit of research!
  14. To be fair, he probably had a point - ye talk pish!
  15. airfinz

    Odense 2nd Leg

    Better that than 7/8 seasons ago! Lasley is pish.......he was booted out a pish poor league 1 team for a reason. No number of lung bursting interceptions (for a throw in when there is no danger) will change that fact! A midfielder that cannot control the ball nor pass is a waste of a jersey in my opinion. Yes, he tries hard, and perhaps the fact he gets paid to play football speaks volumes for the lack of quality in our national team......well that and of course the endeavors of our great manager!

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