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  1. http://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2016/07/21/club-statement-scott-mcdonald-2/
  2. I don't post often and last posted a number of years ago. However I felt compelled to post having been home for Christmas and attended the game today. Excellent performance and the youth players that played and came on were outstanding. Proud and surprisingly excited about the future of Motherwell FC
  3. Faddyisgod

    Mfc Podcast

    I haven't posted on here a long time but I just wanted to say that I have really been enjoying the podcasts and I have listened to every one. Also the podcast with the new owner has inspired me to sign up to the well society as well so keep up the good work lads!
  4. Why is Shaun Fagan escaping everyones worst team? A terrible terrible footballer!
  5. Ha aye and Bob Malcolm was a stand up member of the community!!
  6. Make no mistake about it, there a very good side.
  7. Faddyisgod

    Paul Mcgrillen

    RIP Paul an excellent player for us in his time. Thoughts go out to his family
  8. Ross Forbes is a wonderful player. If I could bet that he will be playing in the Premiership within 5 years I would take it. What a performance.
  9. Faddyisgod

    Can We Do It?

    Yes we have - the last round!!!
  10. Sorry Johnstone I usually agree with you but thats rubbish. Having seen a lot of Stevie Hammell over the last 2 years I would say he is nowhere near that standard, particularly since he came back from Southend. He has the potential but has certainly not fulfilled it and has a lot of areas to work on in his game.
  11. Tough draw we really want Austria Wien from that lot. Still lets just concentrate on beating Flamuntari first and go from there!

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