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  1. Season ticket holders can watch it online. Pretty sure you'll get it on Hesgoal if not a ST holder.
  2. Kelly's come in for some criticism the past few weeks but over the course of the season he'll gain us a lot more points than he costs us.
  3. O'donnell has neither attacked or defended well this season. I'd much rather have a right back who can defend and isn't as great going forward. Bevis keeps his place for me.
  4. This is absolutely hilarious. It's bad being a well fan but how must you feel being an Aberdeen fan this afternoon?
  5. Started the second half much better and first piece of real quality. Lovely ball in and touch from Van Veen.
  6. We managed to play zero football in that first half. Aberdeen aren't great but they are absolutely miles ahead of us.
  7. We all know that O'donnell will be straight back in after his suspension though.
  8. One more silly foul from Maguire and he's off.
  9. Offering absolutely nothing here. Kicking everything that moves. Terrible stuff again.
  10. Half way through the first half we were sitting on 65% possession. We were dictating play and taking the game to Celtic and they were struggling to cope. If we could have held on for 10-15 minutes after we scored, perhaps the outcome would have been very different. We definitely ran out of steam but the early signs were very promising.
  11. Speaking from experience, I was banned for five years for throwing an empty bovril cup over the wall (sitting in the front row) as was a friend. There was no malicious intent but we were made an example of given circumstances around the time. What we did pales in comparison to what has gone on recently at Fir Park and even worse at other grounds. We weren't 14 at the time and I can only imagine the regret the kid has. We were left with the option of 'supporting Motherwell as we see fit' basically as long as we don't have another brain fart, we'll be fine. The rest of that season I missed one game. I'm sure the kid won't have a problem getting back in (providing he has friends willing to get him a ticket) and he learns from his mistake. I'm not condoning throwing stuff onto a pitch, players have the right to not fear for their safety at work but a degree of common sense has to come into it.
  12. So because he reminds you of someone you don't like he's not qualified to do a job?
  13. Got a wee hidden agenda there pal?
  14. I was just about to post something similar. Absolutely brutal afternoon so far!
  15. There were some really good performances today but I feel Rose deserves a mention. He was getting a fair bit of stick from someone behind us but he kept Imrie as quiet as I've ever seen him against us. Imrie's an absolute bellend of a boy but credit where it's due, he's usually right up for it and causes us problems. He didn't get a sniff the entire game.
  16. Speaking to an Airdrie supporting mate the other night his view was that Luke Watt has impressed more than Hastie. They've moved him into a midfield role. Hastie has plenty of tricks but more often than not ends up running into a dead end. He speaks highly of the young keeper but is suspect at Cross balls.
  17. You don't often see unnecessary, personal jibes directed at them either from fans. Give the guy a break.
  18. Being brought up and living in Airdrie most of my life, I know quite a few Airdrie fans that regularly go to their games. They've all been complimentary on Ferguson. One for the future definitely, I'm happy with that piece of business.
  19. Hawkeye

    Irn Bru Cup

    Weekend fixture has killed it for me. During the week and I could have gone during a 'work' trip.
  20. Sitting watching the highlights on my phone this morning at Glasgow Airport waiting for a flight to Belfast. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a guy kept glancing at my phone. Got on the plane and said guy was Carson!
  21. Jamie Pollock did sign for Gartcairn but has since left. I've known him and his family since he was a kid. I always hoped he'd make it but dropping down to Airdrie, Gartcairn, now elsewhere, something seems to have gone wrong somewhere!
  22. Not arrested but chucked out with sbcmfc and the subsequent ban. Absolute nonsense. Only missed one home game (the game immediately after the ban) for the rest of the season. Had a season ticket under a different name for the next four seasons. We did sit in the main stand on our first game back in a semi undercover mode. Those were the days!
  23. Absolute gem of a man! He took me and my wife out for a slap up dinner in Glasgow then a few drinks with my old man for sending him a copy of the cup winning DVD. Some of his stories were brilliant, I was completely star struck. If anyone has any contact details for him, I wouldn't mind being able to send him my best wishes.
  24. Me, Real_Dosser and sbcmfc are flying out Thursday morning Prestwick to Alicante coming back on Sunday with Ryanair £177 a head. Staying 3 nights in the Expo Hotel for £134 all in. £222 a head for flights and 3 nights, not too bad!

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