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    Lee Hollis

    Stevie woods worst by far IMO. Remember years ago sitting in the main stand well vs hibs and Paul lambert had returned to fir park after going to Dortmund and made an appearance on the park at half time. My dad turns round and says to me "thank fuck Stevie woods isn't in goal, he's murder" ... Two guys infront of us turn round and give us dirty looks - Stevie Woods and Paul Lambert! Jim white was sitting 3 along from us, heard it and he was buckled laughing
  2. Not much to pick from, hollis didn't do much wrong apart from the dodgy kick out but went for Anier for the goal and work rate.
  3. The only defenders the trialist hassled was our own as he couldn't hold the ball up. Never chased anything and didn't look interested in the first half. Liked the look of vigurs, took his goal well.
  4. also going for a 1-1 but with jutkiewicz scoring
  5. Mowbray must stay! Aslong as we keep nicking points off them anyway
  6. PhadedMFC


    Went for Hammell... put in a good shift today.
  7. PhadedMFC


    Pit that packety biscuits doon bullyum
  8. PhadedMFC


    Dunno if this has been asked already, when is the draw?
  9. PhadedMFC


    wwoooo on yersel forbes!
  10. PhadedMFC


    Anyone hear Craig Leven say Ross c***y when he was being interviewed?
  11. I'm happy with a point - bring on rangers!
  12. I'm just back and agree with you Al B. So dodgy again at set pieces and better teams will punish us much harder than St. J did. We were lucky also with them missing an open goal, when Ruddy came out with that ridiculous slide at the edge of the box. Hopefully we can sort this out for next week and fire a few into Killie Mon the well!

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