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    Mark McGhee

    Just watched the press conference....For a brief second when he gets asked about Mcinnes getting the boot, its almost like you can see him thinking to himself, why didn't I wait a bit longer and I could have got a 'bigger' club again.
  2. Were a good few of the guys who re-signed in the summer not on two year extensions? I'm sure they were and that this was the first time the club has done so, and a lot of guys on here were crying out for this to happen to from being fed up of having to build a team from scratch every year. Could the fact some of them know they dont have to bother their arse about playing well and impressing to get a new deal in the summer have anything to do with the slump? Correct me if i'm wrong about the 2 year deals.
  3. It's certainly the first time I've felt a bit of sadness to see a manager leave, normally you are either glad to see the back of them as they have been murder, or pissed off if they have turned out to be disloyal c*nts, neither of which McCall was. I'm thankful that we have held onto him as long as we did and wish him all the best of success in future, I just hope he doesn't now turn around in the next few days and take up a post somewhere else, (Sevco, Palace) that would probably piss a few people off and sour the good sentiment also. I also think it would be a good idea for the Bois to do some kind of display if possible, as if he had read these boards in the last few weeks he would be left thinking that we hated him, which is clearly not the case and it would be the decent thing to show publicly that we appreciated him. As for the new manager, if the club want us to be community/fan owned through the Well Society, then in my opinion it is only reasonable that they listen to what we have to say on the matter and take it into consideration our thoughts. It seems that there a few obvious candidates who might be well placed to get the job who we as fans clearly don't want and will find it hard to back, and we don't want the crowds to dwindle any further off the back of a terrible appointment. Part of the reason Scottish football is so stagnant is that it is the same journeymen players and managers that float between clubs year after year, and what we have done in our appointments at manager and player level have been almost the only exception to that over the last 8 or 9 years until recently, and is probably at the heart of why we have been successful, keeping it fresh. I sincerely hope we continue in this vein, the prospect of Adams, Leitch et al makes me ill. The young guy at Valencia that has been mentioned looks exactly like the type of appointment we want, although our chance of landing him is probably smaller than it is of coaxing Alex Ferguson out of retirement......now that would be a left-field appointment!

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