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Season Ticket Pre-Sale Regsitration Form

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Within the last few minutes the club have added a pre-sale registration form to the Official Website.


Scottish Cup 2011 Season Ticket Pre-Sale Application Form



Over the next few weeks there is a real chance to capitalise on what Stuart and the team have achieved. Many of you will be aware the club has positioned itself as Scotland's Community Club and therefore a strong desire to increase the core support, the aim being a double-digit percentage growth, year on year.


The form above not only helps the club achieve this,it will aid the office staff in times of high workload/long queues and finally allows you a speedier visit to the Chapman Building or Brandon Parade. By printing it and filling it out in advance you will greatly help all those involved. We understand it may be consider a pain by some however many will recognise the importance to the club so please persevere, it will take two minutes of your time at most.


With over 16,000 Well fans attending the Scottish Cup Final in three weeks time, the club has an infrequent yet fantastic chance to attain important information on those who are Motherwell minded or choose to associate with the club. The games against Odense and Dundee Utd. this year have been particularly memorable due to the atmosphere created by the surge in the home support.


For season 2011-12 the Supporters Advisory Committee has worked very closely with those who have the remit, ability and drive to implement new club initiatives. It has been a very fruitful relationship so far and will be fully communicated in due course on the official website. However at present in addition to what Leeann has conveyed on the ticketing thread we are happy to announce:


Car Pool - We recognise that many fans live in areas where either public transport causes issues or the costs associated limit their frequent attendance at Fir Park. Therefore we plan to offer supporters the opportunity to combine their resources to help get them get along to home games. If you live outside a 15 mile radius from Fir Park or in a remote location you will be invited to post your details if interested.


Season Ticket Added Value - By showing your season ticket at over 20 local companies, you will have access to significant discounts at a host of entertainment and lifestyle outlets.


Invitations to Tender - We recognise that in the past a number of capital project contracts were awarded without giving Motherwell supporters the first opportunity to bid to secure the contract. The Supporters Advisory Committee identified this practice as counter-productive and not reciprocating the loyalty exhibited by the fans and therefore urged a change.


Consequently, Motherwell fans will have the first bite at the cherry to bid to win this work before the club approach outside unassociated companies or service provider.


There are a number of others but they will be revealed soon enough.


We thank you in advance for your patience with respect to this matter.

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Seems a good idea to have these out for folk to have completed to bring with them when purchasing their tickets, and I see from the form that ST Holders have a full week to purchase tickets, rather than the 5 days mentioned earlier.


On that score are the club any closer to advising what the opening hours will be as yet? There was talk of late night which could be very helpful to those unable to get to Fir Park during standard office hours.

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