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Scottish Sun / Scotrail £9.50 Single In Scotland

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Just a heads up folks, The Scottish Sun and Scotrail have a deal on which allows you to travel on any return single journey in Scotland for £9.50. Simply buy Saturdays Sun and take it from there. It allows you to buy up to 4 tickets, but the killer for us (Aberdeen next week) is that there is no travel on that Saturday - probably due to the Rugby. Will be useful to get to Dundee though.


We thought you'd like to know about the exclusive reader offer we've put together with the Scottish Sun.

Travel anywhere in Scotland on ScotRail services for only £9.50 single.


To get this great deal, just pick up your copy of the Scottish Sun on Saturday 2 March 2013. Inside you'll find a lucky wallet including:

  • Your rail voucher - entitling you to purchase up to four £9.50 single tickets anywhere in Scotland
  • Your game card – your chance to win £20,000 of cash prizes and up to £7,000 of ScotRail prizes

Travel is valid between 2 March and 30 April 2013 inclusive. (NOT valid on 9 March or on 29 March - 1 April 2013 inclusive.) Tickets can be purchased anytime between 2 and 31 March 2013. This offer is only available with a valid voucher. Valid on ScotRail services only. Not valid for travel to Lockerbie. Full details including terms and conditions are detailed on the voucher.

Edited to show correct single ticket status

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Looks like that actually says £9.50 for any single ticket... £19 return is still better than the usual price to Dundee though I'd think.

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