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Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

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8 minutes ago, middleeastdave said:

I don’t know if anyone seen the goal, but it was supposed to be a cross into the box but was missed by everyone and into the net, any goal still counts. Any news on Getting compensation?




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On 9/7/2019 at 6:12 PM, Spiderpig said:

Don't think money came in to it, I suspect Tanner knew he was never going to get back to the level he was at, so taking the next step in his career outwith football, good luck to him.

Wasn't he offered reduced terms till xmas, see how things lie and then take it from there. starting at 10, done by 12, there would be plenty of yummy mummy's in gymshark gear to get through in the afternoon and early evening surely rather than pie football altogether. 

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