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Food Bank Drive - Saturday

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Back in December we unfortunately had to postpone our food drive for Basics food BANK - North Lanarkshire.


Over the festive period Basics are inundated with donations to the point where it can be a struggle for the staff & volunteers to process the sheer volume. Unfortunately, once the festive period is behind us, reality hits home. Around this time of year donations dry up.


The collection will now take place ahead of Saturday's match at Fir Park v Ross County and as always we would like to encourage all supporters, both home and away, to give what you can.


Desirable items are tinned meat, soup, tinned custard, tinned hotdogs, UHT long life milk, tinned tomatoes, super noodles, savoury rice and carrier bags.

There will also be collection tins for those who may want to make a cash donation to help with the overheads and monthly running costs.


The collection point will be situated outside the Well Shop at the Davie Cooper Stand from 2pm.


As always, thank you for your continued support and for displaying a community spirit that, we believe, truly represents the values of Motherwell Football Club.

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Big thanks to those who donated today! Also, credit goes to the busload of Ross County fans who donated a bag each!

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