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2018’19 Game 17:St Johnstone (A) Saturday 15th December 2018

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Without the strengthening of the squad as a whole we would have been in deep trouble  this season given the amount of injuries to key players. In my view new players take time to bed in at a new club and perhaps expectations were too high too early. We are certainly now beginning to see the benefit with I believe more to come from the likes of Gorin and who knows, maybe even dare I say Donnelly who is still only 22. There will always be dud signings but as the season progresses I would suggest maybe not as many as had been suggested a while ago.
Agree with you about Gorin and Donnelly. Gorin was tracked for a good while and Robbo knows Donnelly well from NI U21 duties. I think they could both still come good. ATS and Sammon the 2 who haven't worked out and if we could get them Frear and Newell off the books and even just 2 higher quality replacements we should be well placed for a decent finish to the season

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