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2018/19 Game 31: St Johnstone (H) March 30th 3pm Kick Off

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It's a tricky one with Main.

Up until the semi-final v Aberdeen last season, he hit 8 in 16 games and has scored 6 in 39 games in the time since.

I didn't get to many games in the first half of the season, but when I did he looked a shadow of the player from last season. I think you could be looking at someone who was a player who went through a goalscoring patch, rather than a goalscorer now suffering a drought.

I've been to a lot of games since Christmas and since then he certainly has done an effective job at the task in hand.

We've obviously turned things around in this time and Main has been great foil for the three behind him. When you look at the goals we've scored in this time from central areas. Turnbull has scored three from coming from deep positions (v Accies, Hibs and St. Johnstone) as did Campbell against St. Mirren.

Then we've had Hastie's goals which have been quite similar. If you look at his goal against Hearts, Main sets him on his way and is looking for the return ball, which had it been any of our other wingers, he'd probably have got, but Hastie obviously steps in and smashes it in the top corner.

I guess given just how good he was initially, we'll always see this season as disappointing, but I think if he had a full season, playing with this team and this formation, he might have been a 10 goal striker, maybe not much more than that but still.

There's arguments for and against giving him a new deal and I'm still torn myself. It all depends on which players would be around him next season, but I could see us letting him go and not replacing him with someone as effective.

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