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Scottish Premiership 2017/18 Financial Review

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I picked up on this interesting article by Kieran Maguire from our brothers & sisters on Pie  & Bovril.  For 2017/18 (I'm not sure whether this is the for the season or reporting year) our wages:turnover ratio was a healthy 57% (70% is commonly taken as being the red line).  Ross County's ratio was a whopping 87%, followed by Dundee on 78% and Rangers on 73%.   By that measure we're faring very well.  It has to be seen against a very successful season however with record turnover of £6.9m however.   Hopefully this year we'll also record a profit. 

Interestingly neither St Johnstone nor Accies would divulge their turnover figures. Their turnover was assumed to be about £4m.  Even more interestingly,  Accies turnover was reported to be only £2.5m at the time of the bank scam!!

https://pic.twitter.com/tzwCNeqScc - hopefully that link works.  

Healthy reading for us for the time being at least.   

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