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Hamilton Accies Man of the Match

Hamilton Accies Man of the Match  

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  1. 1. Hamilton Accies Man of the Match

    • Trevor Carson
    • Stephen O'Donnell
    • Ricki Lamie
    • Bevis Mugabi
    • Declan Gallagher
    • Allan Campbell
    • Sherwin Seedorf
    • Mark O'Hara
    • Jordan White
    • David Turnbull
    • Callum Lang
    • Jermaine Hylton
    • Christopher Long
    • Jake Hastie
    • Tony Watt

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Have it to Turnbull as he was the one looking most likely to make something happen. Campbell was his usual Campbelly self, but wasn’t quite as effective as he has been in recent weeks. 

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Your choices for Hamilton:-

1. David Turnbull

2. Allan Campbell

3. Bevis Mugabe


Which gives a total after Game 5:

Allan Campbell 9pts (2 MOTM)

Trevor Carson 6pts (1 MOTM)

David Turnbull 6pts (1 MOTM)

Sherwin Seedorf 4pts (1 MOTM)

Bevis Mugabe 3pts

Nathan McGinley 2pts

Mark O'Hara 2pts

Stephen O'Donnell 2pts

Declan Gallagher 1pt

Jordan White 1pt

Ricki Lamie 1pt

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