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Allan Campbell

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3 hours ago, claretband said:

Unless these young players are real home birds who wouldn't fancy a few years down there for the craic as well as the dough. Did it myself in early 20s and had a great time, London back in the day was full of exiled Scots of all ages and I doubt its' attractions have faded that much. Stoke on the other hand....

Aye, totally depends on the player in question and his own circumstances. Like I said, it depends on if the lad has a wife or whatever. What do they do for a living? If she's studying then that makes things difficult perhaps? What about her parents? 

For the record, I'm not saying the player shouldn't move south. I'm just saying that there's more factors to be taken into account than just footballing reasons. That's all.

3 hours ago, 0Neils40yarder said:

If a club wanted a player at our level, they wouldn't just stop at the agent, theyd be speaking to our club and theyd pester the agent and player...if they really wanted them.

Yeah, but if the player has decided he doesn't want to leave Scotland, for example, at the moment, then they'd be wasting their time. Unless he's a really top talent who brings something to the table that other players don't the buying club would just move on to their next target.

Again, all I'm saying is that while a move to Hibs or another Scottish club would be seen as a sideways move to the average fan, it may not be for the player in question. Personal circumstances could play a part. It's not just a case of a footballing decision.

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