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18 hours ago, MJC_mkII said:

I agree with you that we don’t afford young players the opportunity to break through enough, we didn’t even get Turnbull in the team as soon as we should have!

But when you look at the current crop of young players on our books like Maguire, Devine, Cornelius you don’t really see any signs that they will be able to make much impact on the first team.

I agree with your point re being able to bring in decent youngsters and over the years we've been able to do that pretty well.  

Having players with an affiliation to the club pays off. Guys like Hammel and Lasley found their level at FP and may not be world beaters but they cared deeply and a fan that's what I want more of.  Don't need the next Turnbull or guys who get signed for xx million (although thats nice) but players who care about the club.  

From what I can see on the current front Johnston is the the most likely to cut it.  I'd have no issue brining him into the first team and play SO'D in front of him .

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I think that there’s no chance of youngsters getting a chance over the next couple of months - apart from maybe a few sub appearances - unless we have an injury crisis.
It’s to important to get points and a settled side before any manager starts looking at their youngsters and deciding to start bringing them on. 
Looking at the youth team, last year would have stunted their development but I’m assuming that the under 21 games have started again so they will be getting game time there to bring them on. 
Below that it’s good to see that some of the U17 have made the Scottish U17 squad, which is encouraging for the future as long as they are not scooped up by English teams. 

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