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Ross County v Motherwell 18/1/22

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Frustrating result. We have a squad of  players who arguably are solid on their day but equally have big gaps in their game.

couple of examples from last night
Mugabi, does lots of good things in a game but should have stopped the cross coming in on first goal + the pen. 
McGinley - saved the team with great covering before their first goal only to cost us later in the game.

overall we have pretty average players, some we can drop and change for a similar standard. GA has done well to have a well drilled team who work bloody hard.  

Longer term be ideal to reduce the squad size and inject 2-3 quality players but easier said than done. 

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Anyone doing a MOTM thread for this one?

Id try myself, but not sure Im allowed or would know how! :P

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On 1/19/2022 at 2:28 PM, Spiderpig said:

All this debate over what position the arm was in,  hand to ball, ball to hand etc is irrelevant nobody ever debates what position the players arms were in if its  a handball outside the 18 yd box, it's simply a free kick.

Mugabi's arm stopped the ball from being crossed in so it's a stonewall penalty every day of the week.

Well the rules have changed multiple times just in the last few years which is why there is so much confusion and debate around penalties.

Currently it's basically down to the referee to decide if a hand ball in the box is a 'worthy' of a penalty.

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