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ECL Sligo Rovers v Motherwell 28/7/22

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That Australian keeper they bought was stinking. While AZ did score some nice goals he was a bombscare and couldn't deal with crosses.

Tony Watt mentioned last week that he joined United for nights like that I wonder what his take is tonight. I was actually worried that AZ were going to beat our record score of 12-1 over united.


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Utd were well in the game until it went 2 nil. In fact they could count themselves very unlucky to see it go 2 nil IMO.

The fact they completely imploded thereafter showed the same lack of character that has dogged most Scottish teams in Europe for decades. 

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9 hours ago, Kmcalpin said:

You have to ask what United directors think they're going to achieve by throwing bucketloads of cash into their playing budget.

yep, dont know much about the boy mcgrath or levitt but hey didnt get a look in, youve also got watt and fletcher , so they must be shelling out . i think it shows that everything starts with a good defence

With 2 or 3 additions we should be looking to finish above them

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