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  2. And nice to see all the good wishes on his twitter feed, it’s amazing how many players have nothing but good things to say about the club. I guess it’s that same feeling that Stephen and I had when we started supporting Motherwell, not the biggest, or the most successful, but a club with something special about it.
  3. Good luck to Peter Hartley, a big character, and Richard Tait who both leave with a bit of class. Good luck too to any young lads who are leaving i.e. Adam Livingstone, a Well fan himself. Hope he gets another club soon.
  4. That may be necessary anyway Stall, after being stuck in the house for a while, and the combination of a lack of exercise and more drinking, I'm worried I might not be able to fit in to my seat now. In fact I may struggle with the turnstile too. Might have to lockdown my mouth for a while and get some walking done to be fit for the new season.
  5. Heres a what if for you all...... once restrictions get relaxed a little more, could we not allow fans in, but spread across the four stands? Our average home attendance is what, 3500 ish? We have a 12000 seater stadium....... sorry, no away fans allowed and Motherwell fans have to register in advance, get allocated an area and a seat, no if's buts or maybes. No mingling, no fannying about. Not ideal and the organising and policing of it might cost more than its worth but it would allow us to see the game and no doubt piss off 2 clubs in particular...... Obviously this can't happen in phase 1 of reopening, but maybe as we progress through the stages? I expect we might see some kind of iteration of this in the wealthier leagues long before we get back to football. Oh and to get back on topic - fuck Hearts!
  6. Will never forget his debut, after only 2 minutes was roaring and shouting at everyone and organising the defence. Was never the same after his injury but cant fault his attitude or love for the club
  7. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/5657107/motherwell-hartley-tears-release-fir-park/ Hartley with nothing but good things to say about the club, great to see.
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  9. Absolutely...with everything going on, and all the uncertainty the Club would be best served to sit tight on any money they have...I'm amazed at people who are shocked that Hartley and Co have not been offered new deals, with things the way they are.
  10. Seen someone say he doesn't really fit the mould for a robinson winger after i posted my last message which I agree with, wouldn't be the worst addition by any means but probably much better to be had.
  11. Livi fans seem to think he must have something else already lined up, surprised and disappointed he left. I thought he looked to have improved with them after leaving Thistle but for me I don’t think he’s what we need and can’t say I’m a massive fan.
  12. Would anyone take Steven Lawless back?
  13. Lamie released by Livingston. Is he just about to follow Gallagher along the M8?
  14. Well I have seen him play and the boys got a bit about him, also saw young Turnbull when very few people had ever heard of him, will just have to wait and see how good he turns out. As I say calm your jets and let the manager and coaches get on with their jobs.
  15. Personally I have never seen him play so can only trust that those with more knowledge than myself have acted in the best interest of the club.
  16. No and No, have you seen him Playing, remember he is being quoted as a 1st team squad member, Really. Just see the reality boys who have played their hearts out are going to be dumped and in steps Harry and gets kept on, Nepotism I tell you Nepotism.
  17. I went to the same school as Keith, Lanark Grammar.
  18. Have you actually seen him play or did a pal of yours get punted this season and you're ragin'?
  19. Aye right, Mr Robinson to Keith and Maurice, " I'm brining in a young lad, let me know what you think, is he good enough for a contract" What's his name boss, eh Harry, he's my son. Now let me think is it answer a) Not good enough or b) He'll do us a turn!!!!!!!!
  20. Partially that, and partially playing for Man City where Joe Corrigan was never going to be dropped.
  21. Surprised to learn he's older than me . I think his football career was somewhat compromised by his attempts to keep his job in journalism going. He had a lot of natural ability. KEITH KEITH KEITH MACRAE!
  22. Well said … … as I said previously the boy has played at U19 level for NI and until he was out for a year with a bad injury he had the makings of a bright future by all accounts Certain he won’t be costing us a fortune in wages and I’m sure Lasley and Ross would have been involved in the decision making process Lets all calm down and give the boy a chance
  23. What if he actually deserves a contract simply because he’s done well enough to earn one ?
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