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    Maybe so but the main point is valid. Anyone can create a twitter account and make up about 50 predictions a day. Some are bound to happen. Probably about 90 out of a 100 are wrong. I enjoy some rumour gossip about the club as much as anyone but this account is as fake as it gets
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    Was firmly one to be happy if Robinson walked before in the first 6 months as we had been rank very often but when it mattered he got us to dig deep and I did think if we lost at accies he would be away but I’m happy for him see out the season or contract if we have a good second half and decent cup run. Also quite intrigued to see how he changes our style and the refreshment of the squad as everything looks very exciting at the moment which most would agree with!
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    Believe it or not getting to two cup finals with a fairly unfashionable club will have raised his profile down south. I personally don’t believe he will be going anywhere but as woukd not be hugely surprised if it happened.
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