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  3. The only positional change that can happen would require Dundee to beat rangers by 5 or 6 goals. Aye! we best wait and see. 😳
  4. First game was 72 for me i think, was the amber kit with claret trim and no band or diagonal with 'MFC' in script rather than a badge. First Season Ticket was first season of the 10 team premier league (75-76 maybe ??) but went to all home games the season before (excluding OF games which my old man wouldn't take me to until my first ST year).
  5. The bigots are not to be trusted.
  6. Only in Scotland. Any other country it would be the showpiece winner takes all finale.
  7. Pitches like ploughed fields, games played at walking pace at times, standing on open terraces in all weathers, no comparison with today's game but we enjoyed it allegedly 😬
  8. The first game I ever went to was, I think, in the 70-71 season. From 1970 - 1984 (very much my formative Motherwell years) we only had a hoop on the shirt for part of one season, which is no doubt why I'm not as attached to it as some. Wulie P and Bobby Graham etc. will always be the claret diagonal for me.
  9. You can't distill our lack of points down to one incident in one game. We've given away many goals that have cost us points and missed many chances that would have potentially earned us points over the course of the season. Just like every other team. That's why the league table is a good reflection of form over the season.
  10. 📽️ Enjoy some cracking Motherwell kits and cracking players who wore them
  11. They are working out how to avoid the next ugly sisters game at Parkhead becoming a title decider Dave. It's only ever all about those two the other forty clubs in Scotland are irrelevant.
  12. As expected, Post split fixtures won't be released until after Wednesday as SPFL "want to confirm final pre split top 6 league placings". They think our heads button up the back.
  13. Quite: I think when Dundee were relegated in 2005 (John Sutton was on loan with them at the time) they went down because of a disastrous sequence of results after they narrowly missed getting into the top six. Pressure can build and panic ensue quickly if the first two or three games don't produce some points. I suspect St Johnstone supporters will be particularly unsettled by RC's victory. For once the likliehood of our having three away fixtures post-split may seem to be a good thing, given our poor home record.
  14. I can only assume you’ve followed me around Fir Park for the past 30+ years with a clicker in each hand noting my boos vs applause. But, if you must know, I never boo my own team or players, and I generally always stay behind to applaud the team, regardless of the result. It may come as a shock to you, but what people choose to critically express on a football forum after a match and how they carry themselves at the match are often not one and the same. Happy Monday to you!
  15. The point I was making was to finish as high as possible in the bottom six where there is also a difference in prize money . Every penny counts.
  16. I’m thinking on similar lines. Well said.
  17. I think we're almost safe but won't take it for granted until we're mathematically home and dry. If, as seems likely, we play Aberdeen, Hibs or Ross County away first, and suffer a loss, which isn't beyond the bounds of possibility, there will be a few squeaky bums on here and elsewhere amongst our support. The sequence of the fixtures will be crucial. We don't want Ross County away as the first fixture. To be fair, none of the other 4 teams will either. Our season isn't quite over yet.
  18. Ive never understood this logic. Surely you are interested in how much money the manager has to spend on new players in the close season. As has been already stated the difference of a couple of places could be £125k. That could be the difference in getting a couple of our 1st choice targets, or having to settle for "projects" again. Every game between now and the end of the season is important to us. We have a big rebuild again in the summer. The more money we have for that the better.
  19. The two points yes, extra cash no, apart from us winning we also needed Aberdeen to beat Dundee which never happened, so it's 7th place prize money at best this season.
  20. Chances are Dundee may beat rangers anyway. Was always a long shot making top 6.
  21. Personal opinion but I'm not that interested now finishing 7th or 8th or 9th. I know money means a lot to club but to fans I'm not interested now and season over. Splits not a great idea. Means seasons finished and clubs in top half sometimes have less points than bottom 6. Think we're safe now points plus goal difference. Wil be back at league cup matches.
  22. Given that we are 8th with five games to go I don't see how - what's cost us is the number of draws we've had over the season and our defence which has been shocking at points. He's not the only striker that's missed a sitter either.
  23. That clown Shaw's miss not only cost us another two points but potentially some much needed cash as well .
  24. Yesterday
  25. I don't think anyone will ever confuse you for that. Happy? Very rarely. Clapper? I doubt you clap much at Fir Park. So would I, if they're good enough. Even once we're mathematically safe, we should push to finish as high up the table as possible. The difference between finishing 7th and 9th could be something like £125,000. Considering we're pushing for outside investment and needing cash, that money should be a priority.
  26. Agreed, Inverness /Dingwall is a great away trip, ive had a few great weekends up there, much better than Perth so personally I hope RC stay up.
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