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    Ben Hall? Isn't he out on loan while having renewed his deal with Brighton for another year in 2018? He's most likely doing very well financially in comparison to what we could offer him, and he's still on the books of a Premiership club. Matt Kennedy left St Johnstone because Everton came calling. Very few footballers worth their salt would turn down a move like that, unless they thought they weren't actually good enough of course. He signed on a three year deal, guaranteeing him three years of decent cash most likely, while allowing him to learn the game at a higher level. He then went to Cardiff on a 3 and a half year deal, where I doubt the wages were pocket change. Now he's back in Scotland with St Johnstone, still only 24 years old, has a shitload more experience than he would have had if he hadn't left, and his bank account is probably healthier as well. Than make money? Probably not. Last I checked I couldn't pay my mortgage or help put my kids through school on my reputation. For some reason many football fans don't seem to realise that this is these guys jobs. It's what they do for a living. If a company came along to us in our job and offered us far more money to do the same job for them we'd be offski in a heartbeat. No nonsense about staying at the smaller company to "learn the trade" or to "build a reputation." You're in the game to make money and win things, in that order most of the time. We see plenty of legends hawking their medals and trinkets to raise money for themselves, but very rarely do we see a retired multi-millionaire footballer crying into his versace pillowcase about not winning a few more Scottish cups or a league title. You get in, make as much money as you can at the highest level possible before you're old and broken down and have to retire.
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    Going into that 5 game run was reminiscent of the 14/15 season for me. We were playing a style of football that all other teams had sussed and there looked to be a morale issue. There were differences of course, we had a new manager and lots of new January arrivals. What we did have though was a critical run of games in February that gave a glimmer of hope that if we managed to get a couple of wins could see us nudge over the line to safety. As every week passed, that hope slipped further and further away. This year, the management and squad have made the most of that run and we are safe for another term. For that, they deserve nothing but applause. As much as I thoroughly enjoyed cuffing the h*n, going into those playoffs is not an experience I want repeating any time EVER.
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    I don't get it either, how can we brand the teams in the bottom 6 dross when at this moment that is our level, if anything these are the exact games the manager should be judged on at this moment in time as these are the deemed must wins against the teams in and around us. That is just where we are just now. Also i have to agree the academy players are a part of the team just like the older more senior players, doesn't matter who wins us the games as long as someone is . If people can't be happy after 5 league wins on the bounce then what chance ye got.
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    Livingstone had played for the Under 20s/Reserve team two days previously. OK, only 45 minutes, but that was probably a factor.....which Robinson ignored in his post match comments. Livingstone was unlucky that he had to end up playing for so much of the Celtic game. I'm sure he would have done fine if he had only been called upon for the last 20 minutes or so. I wonder how many others had played in a competitive match only two days earlier.
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    We had Dennis Nilsen on the books at one time. Oh no, tell a lie, that was Gunnar Nielsen.
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    A winning start to the season 1-0 v Stirling Uni at Fir Park. A second half strike from captain Kerry Montgomery finally made the back of the net. Other strikes coming off the bar and the post. Motherwell were in control during the first half but some sloppy passing on a wet pitch ensured no goals. In the second half Well took more control of the game and were worthy of all 3 points. Still early days for this crop of players but some very good individual performances. Next Sunday is away to Forfar Farmington.
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    I remember walking with my pals through Stirling town centre one afternoon when I was 13 or 14 (around '94), giving it "theres Mark Hateley" and laughing when we saw a tall guy with a baldy/mullet combo, "theres Basile Boli" when we saw a big bald Black guy, etc. Being a Well fan,I shouted "theres John Philliben" when I saw a guy who looked like Softy, only for the actual guy to turn round and say "its Mr Philliben to you, ya wee prick!" lol
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