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    Honestly you really would be better just forgetting about Motherwell and supporting Celtic. I can’t remember you ever having anything positive to say about the club, you seem to knock everyone from those running the club, the management, to the players, and every poster on here you disagree with. I am actually allowed to have an opinion without you coming back with one of your oh so witty put downs. Even when we get to two cup finals it’s not enough for you. I like to see positives about the club, and yes there are many, you just seem to take enjoyment from putting everything about it down.
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    It is a shame that people cannot be relied upon to behave themselves, but this change in policy is a necessary result of the times that we live in. It has obviously got to the stage where the aggravation caused by visiting fans in the main stand is just not worth the extra income that they generate. It is also worthwhile for our club to work to try and make the match day experience for our own fans as safe and enjoyable as possible. What beggars belief is the attitude of the fans of certain clubs who cannot comprehend that, when they turn up and behave like the bunch of c*nts that they probably are, that people decide that they want nothing whatsoever to do with then. Losing the £25 that each pays for admission, two or three times a season seems a small price to pay.
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    Summed up in one video.
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    You are obviously a lot younger than me with less experience of the bile the bigot brothers bring with them on match day. I have been a fan for well over 50 years, nearly 60 years, followed them everywhere. But being called a f****n bastard or an orange cunt, on numerous occasions, even asked by a h*n cunt what religion I was when sitting in the main stand, I gave up attending those matches. But I gave it a go again in 1993, a few days after the IRA killed two wee boys in Warrington, we had to endure almost 5,000 bigots giving us varying renditions of IRA songs. Even a Police officer next to me was visibly upset. Then John Boyle made me give up my season ticket seat in the Cooper Stand to accommodate this vermin, I gave up and have never been back. Celtic and Rangers are the scum of Scotland and I hate them with a passion that is unhealthy. Anyway, I have said my bit.
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