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    I am genuinely baffled by the number of people who would seem happy to toss Gillespie aside after a rare below par performance.
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    If Carson is fit, he deserves a chance. He is the better keeper of the two and is far more comfortable with the ball at his feet, which is a key attribute the way we are playing at present. I’d also tweak the shape and bring in Semple for Seedorf. Until the wingers reach the required level of fitness, we should start while one and the other can be an impact sub.
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    Andy Powell and his Flying V guitar!
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    Am a season ticket holder in the POD and thought Sat was huge improvement on previous games v ugly sisters. So while am sure club will be reviewing how well new arrangements worked think they should be applauded for change.
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    Would have Murphy back in a shot, good experience and left club on good terms also when scored against us he showed no emotion and didn't celebrate which was class act
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    If Murphy is available I'd be very happy to have him back, even if it was on loan. Murphy left us with complete dignity having given us great service. He also took the abuse he received on his return with a similar dignity. If Robinson felt he could contribute and we could afford him, I'd be delighted if he came back.
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