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    I think it was necessary. Part of attracting players is the clubs reputation on how you'll be treated if you sign. From the outside we look like decent employers who will look after you if you've got a long injury, give older players career routes into badges / coaching etc. This all factors into which club players choose to sign for and if he's damaging that reputation by being conservative with the truth then it should be put right. Also, he's the one that chose to put his own contract negotiations into the public domain so I think the club were free to respond. Aye, it's not our usual style, but I wouldn't say it's particularly emotive or unprofessional. Out of the 20-odd paragraphs there's one line "we are disheartened".... the rest is more or less a statement of fact.
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    Gallagher new captain with Carson as vice Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I put 2021 in the title which is probably being a tad optimistic. The draw take place on August 10th and we enter in 1st qualifying round due to take place on Thursday August 27th. I looked at Kassies website and there are 94 teams due to play in the 1st qualifying round. With around 30-40% still tbc but with a coefficient of 5.75 we will probably be in the top half of seeded teams. Likely opponents could be Derry City or Bala Town from Wales. Old opponents such as Breidablik of Iceland are in there also. Depending on the draw I expect we would be odds on to get through 1st round, slight favourites for 2nd round and non seeded for 3rd round. It hopefully will count in our favour that we are playing at the end of August with a few league games behind us rather than late July with only a few friendlies. I desperately hope given progress with Covid19 that we may yet get to attend games home or away depending on location. A BIG if but we are still 2 months away so fingers crossed.
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    I did a reworked version drawn from a photo of the steelworks. I gave it to a fan group for their flag.
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    The new Admiral ‘fan designed’ kit wasn’t universally liked so we reverted back to the previous Admiral kit. The new kit was produced by Admiral after a competition was launched by then manager Roger Hynd. I was 14 and my lightening bolt sash design (happily?) didn’t make the cut. Coincidently AS Roma adopted a lightening bolt sash last season, perhaps I was a visionary? This was my entry, drawn from memory...
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    I think Robbo has a very good chance of the N. Ireland job. As good as any of the candidates imho. Hope Tommy Wright gets it though as I wouldnt want to see him considered for our job. I think we need to stick with young modern thinking aspiring coaches. Id promote from within. A Las/Mo Ross combo would do me fine.
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    Wright is getting linked with the Dundee untd job, but so is every other out of work manager Including Jens Lehman
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    If he leaves I don’t see many stand out candidates, Wright might be past his sell by date even if he was interested. I guess all the usual candidates would get trotted out. I would rather we promoted from within frankly but it’s all just speculation at this point.
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    We don’t change the badge because the stuff depicted Isn’t there anymore. If anything, that makes the badge even more important.
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    Looking forward to seeing the poor cunt unveiled outside the Brass Button
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    More likely be his agent’s decision
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