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    It’s an opinion not a wild theory and we’re all allowed to have them . Sorry not to agree with yours but as I said imo something not right could be wrong have been before and will be again. If was rubbish why not come out and say that so I stick by my opinion that there is some truth in it so we will need to agree to disagree on this 1 .
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    It's a fans forums, hence free for debate, opinion and conjecture. I personally am in the camp that something stinks here...have I any proof...no...but I am of the opinion that there's something not quite right for this to continue to rumble on without coming to any kind of closure. I can't say I've ever warmed to the guy as a player either, so I certainly won't be losing any sleep over whether he makes the Euro squad or whether he does eventually move onto his next adventure...whenever and with whoever that may be.
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    2002/03 Kits I tried to upload this image onto here but the file size was too large so its a link to SNS images I have enclosed. This was the image of the kit that I could remember, it was used to promote The Untouchables as the new main sponsor. I couldn't remember if we ever used this shirt, I had a look through SNS images from that season but I couldn't find any evidence of using it sadly, it seems that white training top posted earlier in the thread was preferred as this was used in the League Cup against East Fife, against Aberdeen at Pittodrie and versus Thistle.
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    Is that not the one I've posted earlier in the thread?
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    In a game where we were likely to dominate large spells of possession, Mctominay made perfect sense last night, someone that can take the ball out from the back and build. I don't think it is a case of being preferred to Gallagher, the game just didn't suit someone who's main attributes are defensive, doesn't take a football genius to figure that out. I think Gallagher's injury although suspiciously timed is just that, really bad timing, Gallagher was absolutely nailed onto to start after his performances against Serbia particularly, there is no way he would risk that surely, if he wanted the move in the summer I don't think the club would have been difficult to deal with regarding that, certainly not enough to drag it on for the best part of two months before he was back in squads. everyone seems to be tripping over themselves to make up conspiracy theories without having any evidence, other than an article in the daily record which should be taken with the slightest pinch of salt just Imagine this, could he actually have been injured, MENTAL, I KNOW !! Gallagher has found himself in a position that no one would have anticipated, he owe's the club nothing at all, he was good for us, we were good for him, one last decent pay day for him coming I am sure, thanks for your service, next.
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    Any excuse to post this
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    That's how it goes though, isn't it? He's gone from the captain and one of our best players to a total fraud who's cheating the club by pretending he's injured and someone who's refused to play another game until we remove a top secret trigger from his deal. All based entirely on media nonsense, which has never been mentioned by the outlet since. Now certain sections of our fanbase are revelling in him not being played for Scotland, totally ignoring the fact that he's not started a game of football since January and probably isn't fit enough anyway. Oh wait, I forgot. He is fit. He's just kidding on that he isn't.

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