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    That’s Livi taken four points out of six against Celtic this season. Amazing, when you consider the difference in budgets, eh?
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    There was an incident in the Rangers box where an Aberdeen player was clearly pinned at a corner and in great view of Beaton but it's just waved away and then they get that pen near the end that is as soft as that where the ref can't point to the spot quick enough, not to mention the foul on the lead up to it. I don't care what anyone says but they (alongside the other arse cheeks) absolutely get the benefit of the doubt every single time, I'm actually struggling to think of a time where a ref has cost Rangers a single point against us or even just given a ludicrous decision which has impacted them in someway. Whether it's pitch invasions when they're getting pumped to Derek Johnston doing a Tom Daley impression in the box or Bob Malcolm stamping on a players head in front of the ref only to go on to score a 90th min winner or Bobby Madden's performance last season where he is giving them a bundle of penalties but ignored Campbell's stonewaller, you could go on and on, the more things change the more they stay the same. What I find interesting is its almost two years since they have had a domestic sending off but in Europe this year alone they have had four. I know our refs are shite and probably the worst they have ever been, I have come to terms with that now but I just wish they applied consistent rules to both sides,
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    For as long as I’ve been watching football, not just Scottish football, defending teams will get the benefit of the doubt nine times out of ten when there is shirt pulling by both attackers and defenders at corners and free kicks into the box. I don’t like it and I don’t think it’s fair but that’s been the case, at least up until where VAR has been introduced in certain countries. However on the flip side of that, going by the rules of the game, if there is any contact on an attacking player by a defender inside the box - out with a corner/free kick - then that will result in a penalty kick - Scott Sinclair in the 2017 LCF being the obvious example -. Likewise with any situation where a defender “has his hand in an unnatural position” as we saw when we played Rangers at FP last September will more often than not result in a penalty award. I’m not saying that I think it’s right or even that I agree with it, but it is in the rules so if you want to blame anyone then blame those who make these ridiculous rules. I think the ‘issue’ that alot of people are taking with the Rangers penalty on Wednesday night isn’t whether it was justified or not, it is simply that Rangers got a penalty, full stop. For as long as I can remember, any decision that goes Rangers way, especially a penalty, seems to result in 10x more hysteria and media scrutiny than a similar decision that goes the way of any other side (even Celtic) goes. As has already been said, we ourselves were on the wrong side of a very harsh penalty decision on Wednesday night. And if that wasn’t enough our keeper saved the penalty only for the referee to - again very harshly - order a re-take. But I don’t see anyone claiming that that was down to some sort of cheating or broader conspiracies. Would that have been the case had it been Rangers, or even Celtic, that had benefited of such decisions???

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