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    Aye Think I’ll no go tae Fir Park just stay in and watch the game live on sky while having my breakfast on Wednesday morning. COYW
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    Mentality, that’s it. As you say you can forget about everything else. They thought they could just turn up, stroll around, switch off, and still take the 3 points. Can’t remember seeing Alexander so angry.
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    Missed the first 20 mins and my stream went down for most of the 2nd half, but saw enough to know it was our poor incarnation that turned up. It absolutely baffles me how a team can look so great one week and an absolute shambles the next. Albeit before the good performance, there was plenty evidence of our frailty. Even allowing for Goss dropping out for Grimshaw, the drop off in performance was ridiculous. Its pointless even trying to comment on formation or tactics when the mental side of the game just wasnt there. Alexander looked absolutely raging after the game, and rightly so. Hopefully he can get some sort of reaction before Tuesday. But like he said in his post match, it shouldnt take a performance like that to get a reaction.
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    If it wasn't for Kelly we would be at least 4 down. Alexander must change it for the second half but knowing how his mind works he will probably put on O'Donnell for Shields and try to keep it to 2.

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