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    Could be made permanent for the right fee
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    Dear Yabbas, as an administrator you should be careful as to what you post. The Communications Act states that if the person the post is aimed at believes it to be threatening then a crime has occurred. Please delete your threatening post or the appropriate action will be taken.
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    Was looking forward to the game but now I'm just looking forward to Robbosboy shutting the fuck up. Sent from my Pixel 6 Pro using Tapatalk
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    You’re honestly a prick of the highest order
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    You do realise that his "threat" is to shut you up by booting you off this forum, don't you? Not only is that not against the law, but it's looking more and more likely every time you post. Let's get back to the football chat.
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    Get your username changed to Karens Boy quick smart.
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    Never shut me up, plus what's that comment a verbal threat of violence, obviously a Turd by name and a Turd by nature. As for Haggischomper, you shut up, who asked you to join the debate, you were as late into it as a Wullie McVey tackle ( he's fae the 70,s for yir info) Jog on now.

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