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    If that is true would be interesting...highly rated....in fact would be an ahem....TOP CATch.......sorry folks
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    Didn't make him a good guy though - definitely a wnk.
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    Lets be positive until proved otherwise, the manager is happy with the training camp, he knows the funds available, getting new staff in, players to follow and a European game to kick off another season. We can't affect what other teams do or who they sign, they are so far all unknown quality some will be good some will flop but we can all support Motherwell with a hope the manager has learned from the tail end of last season.
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    Only in the UK where the show's title had to be changed due to it also being the name of a brand of cat food.
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    I’ll bet you 100 quid one of them finishes in the bottom six.
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    If it’s all that “standard “, then surely everyone would have known better and waited just in case.
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    Maybe, but given how we played for the majority of last season and our managers baffling line ups and constant tinkering then it doesn’t bode well. Does anyone really see much, if anything changing next season? I’m not saying I think we’ll be relegated, but we won’t be far off it I fear. At least we had a decent home kit then, white shorts aside.
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    It’s certainly better than the monstrosity we’ve been landed with anyway.
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