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  1. OfficialMFC


    I hope you all don’t mind me borrowing the club account for a personal post… I was devastated and shocked to learn of Andy’s passing. Like many of here, I have been lucky to have known him for well over 20 years, be it Supporters buses, exiles, away days and trips, fanzines, FPC, Well Worth Saving, the Supporters Trust, WTFC and so many others - our paths crossed so regularly and he was always so helpful and supportive of me when I needed him. The comments and tributes about his personality and character are so apt, he was a gem of a guy and a top ‘Well fan. I’ll miss him very much. My thoughts are with his wife Angela, his family and close friends at this terribly sad time. Rest easy mate. ‘Flow
  2. Apologies. Our email address for you must be out of date or inputted incorrectly. Send me a PM on here and I can get you your renewal code?
  3. Agreed that it's absolutely terrible at the moment for handling a lot of people coming on at one time. You could probably fit more people in a phone box than on our website at the same time. Thankfully, we are around 4-5 weeks from a move to a new server and new website.
  4. Hello everyone. Grant Russell, communications manager at the club, here. Sorry if any of you haven't had your codes to renew your season tickets through yet. The transition to Ticketmaster saw us bring across our existing season ticket database and then send out an email to everyone we had email addresses for, which was about 80% of our database. We've now followed this up after the cup final with letters to those of you we don't have an email address for. If anyone is still waiting on a code, please don't hesitate to send us an email at [email protected], send us a message on Facebook or send a DM on Twitter. We've opened up as many lines of communication as possible in the last few months to make us more accessible and answer any questions or queries you have as quickly as possible. We're always looking to improve how we communicate, and I'm always open to any ideas you've got as well. Feel free to get in touch any time!
  5. 'Well fans, You may have seen this morning's announcement about the Ladies team at Fir Park. The headlines, if you missed it are: Eddie Wolecki Black (former Montrose, Glasgow City and Airdrie manager) has been appointed as the new manager at the senior Ladies team. EWB's assistant at Glasgow City, Donald Jennow, has agreed to be one of two assistant manager's at the club (the second still to be appointed). After a review of the structure around woman's football at Motherwell FC, there's been a change of governance whereby the senior Ladies team will come under the direct remit and responsibility of the club, whilst the Youth/Development pathway will continue with the MFC Community Trust. You can read the full statement here: http://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2017/11/21/wolecki-black-joins-ladies-team/ You can watch MFC TV's first interview with EWB here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbJ0rM8fHak We hope this will be an exciting new era in terms of the Woman's side of the club. We made a great start, stumbled a little, but are now firmly back on track. #COYW
  6. I don't disagree (on the broader point), G&F. However, since being in post, I've hired one full-time person, the physiotherapist Aileen Anderson, which wasn't down to association or family ties, and "promoted" one (Katie McCrossan) who had worked at the club for some time on a P/T basis, but has replaced Alison Wallace, who has moved to the MFC Community Trust. We've advertised for another, albeit had to put it on hold for a variety of reasons. The Telesales Training team has been formed from current staff from three different departments, aimed at giving them new skills. We've got literally thousands of people to contact. We don't have the resource to do that in anything like a sensible time frame (nor the resource to outsource to a call centre), which is why we've developed this scheme. It gives staff another string to their bow over a longer term, and allows us to try and meet some of the objectives and targets we've set out. We've had some decent feedback both on the phones and posted on this forum, on another thread. This email, a real error in judgement, has been a setback, but as I said in the last post, it certainly won't happen again. Cheers, Ab
  7. Hi all, Firstly, I should start by saying the email sent out, detailed in the original post, was completely unacceptable and unprofessional and should never have happened. To give you a flavour, Diane Harvey at the club is heading a TeleSales training scheme (together with a qualified TeleSales marketer). Some younger members of staff at the club, across various departments, are being trained (out with normal working hours on Tuesday and Thursday night), providing new skills and additional services for Motherwell FC. The main thrust at the moment is contacting Season Ticket holders, firstly as a courtesy to thank them but also to inform them of some of the offers they are due with the ticket that they may not have previously been aware of, but also some targeted marketing (i.e. non renewals of Season Ticket holders via Flexi Ticket, people due their 21st / 30th / 40th Birthday offering the facilities and other similar promotions). The ultimate aim is to try and create better communication links between the club and its regular fans (and, in all honesty, increase revenues), much of which we can't do during the day because people are inevitably at work or further education. We've too often relied on adding an impersonal story to the website, posting something or social media or sending an email to alert people of these opportunities. This is a slightly different method and although its at the very early stages, we've had some great results in areas like Season Ticket upgrades, match ball sponsorships and Christmas Party Nights. This incident, whilst in no way acceptable, was an over-zealous member of that team, still going through a training process, sending an email that they weren't authorised to do. The matter was promptly dealt with internally and I believe a secondary mail has been sent to those who received the initial correspondence, apologising for both the content and nature and explaining some of what I am on here. Once again, i would like to sincerely apologise on behalf of the club to the people who received it; it should not have happened and you have my assurance it won't again. Thanks, Alan / Flow
  8. For info folks, Alba's deal has changed this year. They won't OB (Outside Broadcast) one game per week. Instead, they'll cover two games per weekend (two camera coverage in HD) and will put out two separate 60 minute highlight programmes on a Saturday and Sunday night (Standard times are 10pm Sat and 9pm Sun although due to other commitments this weekend, I think our game against St Mirren is going out at 11pm on Saturday). Bauer's deal (essentially Radio Clyde in this part of the world) allows them to cover one match live from each of their 'regions' - the West will be our match with St Mirren to kick-off and they'll vary it around Killie, St Mirren, Accies, Celtic etc. You obviously have BBC Radio Scotland, who have their live coverage as per normal and Open all Mics around the other grounds. They will send two reporters on Saturday for OAM. PLZ still have the deal to broadcast one live game per weekend and have goal flashes for the other too... There's a ton of choice other there now - one of the other reasons why we opted to move MFC TV free-to-air. The 'free' coverage elsewhere means subscription services for clubs has become a very difficult sell. Hope that helps...
  9. OfficialMFC


    Folks, Just an update - our contract with Perform expires today. All current registered users will receive a communication directly from them (via Email) tomorrow - which we will replicate on the club website - detailing the move from subscription service to free-to-air for all fans, and how refunds will be paid etc. The next step is more content on our You Tube channel, which will include live streaming of things like press conferences etc. We are currently working with YT to set-up a system to allow us to stream live. We are governed by rules that don't allow for streaming of games unless behind a subscription wall, so we're working towards a happy medium on that; same with highlights. Thanks again,
  10. Yes, you are right Sup3rw3ll. Perhaps should have made it more clear in that those official matches, most of which are lower league clubs, already confirmed in the League Cup (four of which are Lanarkshire based) was another issue for relevant authorities, agencies and suppliers in arranging this in the current time frame. I was meaning pre-season friendlies for clubs i.e. Rangers at Derby, Killie at Morecambe, Thistle at Fleetwood, St Mirren at Carlisle, Celtic in Helsinki etc
  11. The commitment to the Games is one thing, certainly, but there are actually other pre-arranged events happening at the weekend (non football/sport related) that also takes up the time of those relevant bodies. It's a Betis XI but should make for a good test for the guys for sure...
  12. Of course we're not trying to cost ourselves money! The facts are that the various bodies required to make games like this go ahead are currently occupied elsewhere (the same reason why there are virtually no other senior club playing football in West Central Scotland on this weekend) so it was either take the game and play it behind closed doors, or don't take the game at all. We had looked into several other fixtures against teams from England that may have made it possible for fans to attend (hence the delay in actually confirming) but nothing would quite work. Given the pertinent points people make about having games - and Betis XI will be the eighth of the summer thus far - and the time between the last game and St Mirren, no fixture wasn't an option.
  13. Good afternoon folks, Thought it would be beneficial to keep everyone in the loop around a friendly match this weekend (as per Shoutbox, for those not on mobile/tablets and can see it). We've been trying very hard to get not only a match for Saturday, but also work with various bodies/agencies to help us facilitate it to being open to the public/Well fans - in line with significant commitments elsewhere at the moment. Both have proven difficult. The good news is we're likely to have a match, the unfortunate news is that it is also likely to be behind closed doors. We are still working to get final agreements on both elements - hence no official announcement on this - but that's the current position as it stands. As soon as it is concrete, which hopefully is today at some, I will post details on here/official site/social media etc. Cheers,
  14. OfficialMFC


    Hi folks, Just to confirm that refunds will be available to those who have paid up front. We haven't announced yet because of current contractual position which shall be resolved this coming week. We hope being the first club in the top league to go totally free to air will give us a great opportunity on a new flexible platform that works with all modern technologies (tablets/smartphones). We still hope to run Comms from games - although it might be on another free platform seperate to YT.
  15. Can confirm Billy Davies' Nottingham Forest will travel to Fir Park on Friday 26th - 7pm KO.

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