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  1. To be fair, it was always planned to have the statement out yesterday and we are promoting it via press conference today. The timing of the thread was just spot on!
  2. Afternoon folks, Interesting to read many of the comments and feedback. Disappointed a lot of it is negative but, at the same time, it's good to know what people are thinking so we can try and improve the product. Together with the guys who contribute, we will try and pick the bones out and make improvements. On a separate note, if you are having any issues with the site, email me at press 'at' motherwellfc.co.uk and I'll take it up with Perform. If your access is via the 'Well Society, then 'CC' wellsociety 'at' motherwellfc.co.uk to keep everything right. Incidentally, the lack of movement on the 'flash' issue has been a frustration of mine too. The good news is a number of Scottish clubs who use the platform are pushing hard for developmental change with Perform and the hope is will be supported by Apple / Smartphone / Tablet products soon. We know things aren't perfect, as someone mentioned earlier, we are working within a very, very tight budget but try to produce as good a level of coverage as possible. We are always looking to improve. In terms of a club media subscription product, we are just over a year old and compared to others, still in our infancy and developmental stage. A lot of what we do is good, some other things not so good. You can be assured though that people are working extremely hard each and every day to bring you the best possible product with the resources we have at our disposal. Personally, i am relatively pleased with the progress the club is making on this side of things but acknowledge there is a lot more still to do. Cheers, Flow
  3. Before it goes further, it's worthwhile pointing out that Graham IS NOT an employee of Motherwell Football Club. He kindly volunteers to help me with MFC TV but doesn't take a single penny for it, be it commentating on first-team and U20s matches or contributing to the Matchday Magazine and the U20s Proggy. He is a guy who gives of his time willingly, and again, worth highlighting, without any pay or expenses and that's exactly the type of person the Well Society needs; someone who is prepared to really muck in for the love of the club. Some of the criticism is a wee bit unfair I reckon. 'Flow
  4. I am posting from the MFC account as I don't have a personal one so this is my point of view rather than the clubs' in general. Bit suprised by that comment mate. Okay, some things don't always work (no one will ever get everything right on every occasion) and often things can happen that don't always appear right at the time but have a wee look at the big picture here. We have: A board that has been in post during some of the best few years in the clubs’ modern history. A board that has delivered a platform for fan ownership – the first top-flight club in Scotland to do so prior to Dundee's promotion. A board that has taken the clubs’ community activities to a level beyond anything else the SPL have done or recommend. A board that has kept the club financially viable and stable in times of real hardship. A board that has grown attendances year on year, both season tickets and PATG, by planning for the future and investing in the fans of tomorrow. A board that when faced with the most crucial decision of recent years – Rangers SPL vote – had faith in the support and the Well Society and allowed supporters to decide. A board that trys to be more connected and responsible to supporters than ever before and has open and frank communication over a number of platforms, including these forums. I am sure I'll get the usual 'toeing the party line' stuff, and that's fair enough if you think that. But if you look at some of the chaos that is happening elsewhere, I know what board I would rather have running our football club that's for sure. Cheers, 'Flow
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adJM619OfLA Wee freebie from the MFC TV team - Stuart Carswell takes a seat.
  6. Taken from the statement released last week --> CLICK HERE Just a wee reminder folks: On Wednesday 15th August we held a club EGM. Shareholders were asked to consider and vote on 5 resolutions to change the Motherwell Football Club Articles of Association. The changes proposed allowed for the Well Society to own its first tranche of the club – 15%. The approval by shareholders means we can now call our first Well Society meeting which will be held on the 24th October at South Dalziel Studios (address below). Society members will be contacted in due course with the agenda for the evening however the purpose of the meeting will be to deal with the process of incorporating the Society and importantly, we want to formally elect officers to the board of the Society. If you hold an adult membership and would like to be considered for a post within the Society board then we’d like to hear from you. Contact [email protected] or speak to Alison Wallace on 01698 33 33 33. You will receive official notice of the meeting in due course and details of roles and responsibilities of office bearers will be included in the notice. ADDRESS: South Dalziel Studios 181 Windmillhill Street Motherwell ML1 1TA
  7. Our principle sponsors - Cash Converters - have confirmed today that not only will they honour their original commitment to the club, which was due to expire at the end of 2012/13, but have opted to extend it by a further year to the end of 2013/14. Huge, nae MASSIVE, boost for the club and a super commitment from CC in what is still some pretty uncertain times. So big up to them for backing the Steelmen at such an important time. http://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2012/07/20/cash-converters-extend-sponsorship/
  8. OfficialMFC


    Just a short note folks..... The match was always 2pm - Everton asked if it could be moved forward 30 minutes to accommodate travel plans getting back home to Merseyside. That's all! It certainly wasn't of Motherwell's doing. Hell, it's not even Motherwell's game as it is being run, as all testimonials are, by a committee. Flow PS Buzzin' Faddy will be back in Claret and Amber!
  9. Paypal allows you to purchase using a Credit/Debit card too, mate (without having a Paypal account)... Thanks for getting involved. Hoping we can fill it up and raise a few grand to help facilitate the new Motherwell Academy change-over! Cheers Flow
  10. Morning folks, As a part of our continued push of 'Steelmen Forever', we've came up with another idea (ok, we borrowed it from Bradford City) where fans on messageboards can all contribute to have a spot on a box which then appears on a page on the Official Matchday Magazine - it's called 'Box 2 Box' It's quite similar to the 'buy a pixel' idea that was floated on here a while back, but something a wee bit more permanent for fans to look at and keep. It worked really well at Bradford and their forum - Claret and Banter - really got behind it. Hoping Steelmen Online and FirParkCorner can do the same. A single box on the pitch is just £10 and you can buy it online (via PayPal) now here ---> http://www.motherwel...-for-the-season. There are other options in terms of bigger spaces costing £20 / £40 / £100 and a sponsorship of the full page itself. It will appear in each SPL and Domestic Cup programme throughout the 2012/13 campaign. It's a quick and easy way in which you can get involved and help without having to spend too much money. If we can sell it out, the money (a couple of grand) has been earmarked for the new Motherwell Academy. Cheers, Flow PS The club will be looking to get people together very soon to try and talk about some other 'Steelmen Forever' projects that don't happen on the net - i.e. fundraising nights etc. For those who have already offered their time and ideas - thanks - we'll be in touch!
  11. Al, Your post is very valid and I absolutely take your point - I am sure Leeann and others on the board would recognise that too. What I would say in the defence of those responsible for trying to navigate the club through all the probelms is alot of times, the most effective way to try and get consensus and influence people is not by shouting and screaming at people publically, but being calm, measured and leading from the front behind the scenes. That's true to many walks of life, not just this situation. Sure, there is a lot to be said for giving it big licks in front of cameras and in statements, but you tend to get far more done by being as professional and as considered as you can. The downside is that, sure, you can leave yourself open to false interpretations and doubt but you can be certain of this, by giving the 'Well Society a ballot on this, the result was how the club would vote. I've said it on twitter and on here previously - if the board had inclinations either way, then the last thing you would do is put it out for a fans vote as you are almost certain the result was going to be one way. But this was more than that, it was a real recognition of how the current board feel about the fan ownership model and a gaze into the future of how things will operate (any by that I don't mean a vote on every issue - I mean fans feelings being at the forefront of everything which is no bad thing at all). Spot on Dave! The simplest and most tried-and-tested forms of fundraising are often the best! We'll not rule anything out. Over the next short while, the aim is to try and formalise some way that fans themselves can take things forward with the clubs' support. That's the best way to do it - working together! 'Flow
  12. You are spot on Jay! It's now time for everyone to put behind them the absolute nightmare of the last few months and concentrate on the most important thing of all... Motherwell FC! Let's start to get really excited about our up-coming Euro adventure. Let's get behind the Steelmen Forever campaign and let the club continue to plan and progress the way we have in the last four years. Leeann and the board have worked harder than perhaps most will ever know in recent times to steer the club through some really choppy waters and that hard work is only beginning. But there has been enough enthusiasm on here, other forums and on social networking sites to suggest there is a real hunger amongst fans to help cushion any financial blow and we absolutely cannot lose that momentum. C'mon the 'Well! 'Flow
  13. Cheers to Jay and the other guys for posting the links! Steelmen Forever is basically the club trying to organise all the various initiatives designed to try and bridge any financial shortfall that have now came to light in recent days with the rejection of the Newco application to the SPL. The scale of what that shortfall is (we'll obviously publicise what the target is when we know) will become clearer next Friday but regardless, the club and the fans can stand shoulder to shoulder, and I've used that term a few times now, and see us through whatever ill. There are loads of great minds and plenty with the real goodwill amongst our support to take our campaign forward. We're the first club in the SPL to come out and actually put together something a little more organised to get the wheels moving. It's key we can build up ahead of steam so the fans know exactly where they can put their money to help the club. It's like trying to recreate the 'Well Worth Saving philosophy ten years on.... The club obviously wants people to spend/buy/donate as much as possible whilst, at the same time, appreciating that not everyone can. But I would like to think we can put together various ideas and suggestions so we can accept anything from a few pounds to a few thousand pounds. We will need every penny! We hope to have numerous events from dinners to quizzes, band nights to glamour friendly matches and much more in between. It's down to the imagination of us all. What is for certain is that we need people to help co-ordinate it and run it. My colleagues and I at Fir Park will obviously do everything we can - I am really optimistic about it and how it can further cement the relationships and the bonds between the club and the fans, particularly at a time when we move towards full fan ownership. More will follow in the next few days but for now, if we could all encourage as many fans to buy a Season Ticket, buy a 'Well Society membership or a Champions League ticket, that's a great start. There is a Paypal donate button at the top of the Official website and there is a modest Paypal Buy site set up just now to make it slightly more easier to buy things in the immediate short-term - > http://www.motherwellbuyonline.co.uk/ We all love Motherwell FC - through all the problems in recent months it is clear our fans are desperate to get behind their club. In return, the club has listened to the fans and now, together, we can safeguard our long-term future. Steelmen Forever! 'Flow
  14. Dexter, I am sure the club will help you out if you phone up and explain the situation. We are happy to do these things, you just need to ask ya know... Give the girls in the office a phone and they'll hold them until you have a greater idea of what your plans are. Cheers, Flow
  15. That's true... I'd be poolside........... Selling shade! Flow
  16. The Board of Motherwell FC asked members of the ‘Well Society and shareholders to vote on the question of whether Motherwell should vote to allow a ‘Newco Rangers’ to remain in the SPL in 2012/13 season. The results of the ballots returned were are as follows: Yes: 119 (18%) No: 542 (82%) Votes not returned: 247
  17. The Board of Motherwell FC asked members of the ‘Well Society and shareholders to vote on the question of whether Motherwell should vote to allow a ‘Newco Rangers’ to remain in the SPL in 2012/13 season. The results of the ballots returned were are as follows: Yes: 119 (18%) No: 542 (82 %) Votes not returned: 247
  18. Because the person responsible for putting the information on the website, i.e. me, has been at an SPL commercial meeting all day and just recently got back to the office. The approved tickets meant the girls in the office could sell to people coming in which they did. There is nothing more 'sinister' in it than that I am afraid.... 'Flow
  19. Because we may only have eleven days to sell tickets which usually means getting a ticket at the ground (Remember UEFA make you take details of every fan you sell a ticket too) can be a very long process. By extending the selling period, it will hopefully make for a much easier and less time-consuming process for fans wishing to buy tickets, as opposed to cramming everything into just under two weeks. Because tickets have to be "pre-approved" before you can put them on sale and we've just had that! 'Flow
  20. I also felt it only fair to come back on and update everyone regarding the ballot, given it was me who posted on Saturday about it. The results have now been independently verified and agreed. No statement today though. Leeann D has been in meetings all day today and will play a part in penning our formal response. She is due back at Fir Park to finalise results and statement tomorrow. Cheers Flow
  21. Stevie, Sorry, that part (about responding to various points) was actually a copy/past from a thread on FirParkCorner. If you go over and read the context, you'll understand why I said that. Wasn't meant for anyone or anything on here to be honest. Flow
  22. Firstly, this is 'Flow posting from the Official Club account on here as I don't have a personal one. The real sad thing is opinions have now become some polarised, people post anything without fear of failure and the snowball effect beings. I am going to try and answer a few points without wanting to go into a large debate. I know what I post here will be ripped and pulled a part, but it's the truth. If people want to believe it, great... If you don't want to believe it and think I am a part of a stitch up job involving the board and others running the club, then that's also fine. I would hope most that know me and know how I feel about the club and the fans, of which I am one, will know which one to be true. 1. First of all - to the point by 'Gilmour' I think it was, taking exception to a quote that was attributed to me. You will notice that it said some fans have threatened not to renew based on the outcome of the Rangers situation. Not all fans, some fans. That is true - if you search this thread, twitter, Facebook, Google+, email and other communications outlets, we have been subject to that threat constantly. That's absolutely people's right to do so - I've got no beef with that. I never said all fans or you personally. I did say to the reporter about the recession and people's diminishing ability to afford in tough financial times but that didn't make the cut.... There's not much I can do about that. 2. No statement has been released on the 'vote' because it has still to be independently verified which will happen on Monday. Turnout was very, very high and the club collated the last of the votes this morning after people hand delivered last night. The result is fairly clear but until we have it verified, it's only right and proper that we don't announce anything officially. To suggest that nothing has been announced because in some ways the club are scared of what the vote will say is pretty farfetched to say the least. Had the club been scared of the outcome, I doubt the board would have put it to the vote as it doesn't take a genius to work out what way it was likely to go. 3. I have also read suggestions that because Derek Weir is on the board of the SPL, he would have played some part in the document that was published by STV a few days ago. Well, to copy and paste a reply I added to FirParkCorner earlier: I think it's worthwhile starting by saying that neither I or the club can comment or put out a statement for every media story or bit of speculation that may turn out in a newspaper or website - certainly not with deadlines that's for sure. We would be here all day and it would take us away from the job of trying to improve the club in every area which is our main focus. I can confirm no one from Motherwell Football Club had any input into the production of the document you linked and in fact had not seen it prior it to it being distributed. Furthermore, no one from the club has taken part in any discussion with anyone from the Scottish Football League. Any discussions between the Scottish FA (SFA), Scottish Premier League (SPL) or Scottish Football League (SFL) would take place between the executives of each organisation. We, as a club, will not be a party to threatening any other club. Regardless of what league they may play in, each club is free to make their own decisions on any issue as they see fit. 4. Not addressing any particular point, but what I would say is this. Motherwell Football Club have tried to be as open, honest and as transparent as possible during this whole process. It's not easy - indeed, the consequences for our football club are pretty dire to be quite honest and I don't think the gravity of the situation has quite filtered its way down perhaps the way it should (and I speak generally on this whole subject). I take a great sense of pride as a supporter at the progress the club has made in the last four years both on and off the pitch. The ultimate sadness in all this mess for me is that a massive amount of that work is very likely to be threatened through no fault of our own. If/when Rangers FC are not permitted back into the SPL, then the very future (and that's not scaremongering, threatening or anything else - it's the truth) of the club in the short-term will be fully dependant on every single fan who holds Motherwell dear to their heart to really muck in. Dark and difficult times - but with the hope and positivity that at the other end, we can immerge stronger and fitter as a result. Steelmen Forever 'Flow
  23. The following statement from the Board has been posted on the Official website: The board of Motherwell FC met yesterday to discuss the vote by SPL member clubs on the question of the admission of a successor club or ‘Newco’ Rangers FC into the SPL. The current board of Motherwell FC are not the owners of the club but are the trustees of the majority shareholding as we transition towards a fan-ownership model through the successfully launched ‘Well Society. We are very conscious of our duties as directors to protect the financial interests of our club. The decision making on ‘Newco’ is rendered extremely difficult by the complexity of the potential scenarios and the uncertainty around the likely financial implications of all of them. We are increasingly of the view that the uncertainties around the financial implications are substantial and negative under all likely scenarios. This is a matter of extreme regret for our club given all the work being undertaken on a strategy to help us grow sustainably as a community and family based club owned and run by our fans. At a time we should be enjoying the club’s success on the park and development off it, we face a grave threat to the viability of our sport and our club through no fault of our own. It is our view that in the face of this we will be best placed if we live by the spirit of the model we are seeking to achieve. We believe it is mission critical that we both listen, and are seen to have listened, to the views of our members and shareholders on whom our club relies now and for the future. Under all scenarios we need to come together as a club to see this situation through. We will therefore hold a ballot of adult ‘Well Society Members and the small number of existing minority shareholders who have yet to join the society, on a ‘one member/shareholder-one vote’ basis. The results of the ballot will be independently audited and will be used to determine which way the club votes on 4th July. Ownership in any business has to mean making decisions and then dealing with the outcome. The timing for administering a ballot is not ideal, given the constraints we face but we believe it can be achieved and underpins the way we want our club to be run. Given that Society members have already parted with their cash with the purpose of having a say in the future running of the club, we believe using this group is the most practical and sustainable way for us to proceed. The final date for votes cast will be Friday 29th June 2012. All existing members can vote. Anyone joining between now and the date of the ballot will be required to pay in full to secure a vote. An impartial guidance document on the likely risks to club finances of each outcome will be supplied as part of the information Society members will receive in order to vote. This will be our assessment based on the information available to us at this time. In reality this analysis will never be perfect as it relies on estimates which change daily. We look to all our members, shareholders and supporters to stand behind the club at such a pressured time for all. Motherwell fans have never been found wanting and we have to ask for their loyalty and support once again. Anyone with any questions on the ballot should email [email protected]
  24. That's true... It doesn't always mean finances are up! But in our case, it does! Finances are up an almost identical amount. This is on the back of prices been completely frozen for the first time in years and people claiming a 'Well Society discount. There is no spin, I can assure you... We haven't given away any more 'free' Season Tickets this year than we did last. It should be noted, and Leeann made reference to it in the story; because you are up in May doesn't mean you will be up overall come the end of the selling season which is why we are pushing hard to continue to sell :-) But is has been encouraging so far.... Ab
  25. The new Motherwell FC 2012/13 PUMA ‘Third’ kit has today gone on sale from the ‘Well Shop at Fir Park. Following an unveiling two weeks ago, the kit has been almost universally praised for not only its design, but also the story behind it as well as the fan participation that went in to its creation. The kit is a celebration of the 100th anniversary (1913) of Motherwell changing from our original blue colour to the now traditional Claret and Amber, so widely recognised in Scottish and British football. The 'Well shop opens at 9am this morning (Friday 8th June 2012). MotherwellDirect

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