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  1. wellmanandy


    Went for Nicky Law. Also thought Stuart Carswell had a great game this afternoon
  2. Not long back from Easter Road. Absolutely great result and a great day out!!
  3. wellmanandy


    Randolph by a mile. However I thought ZFA had a decent game. Always looking for the ball and willing to take men on
  4. Brutal to watch today. Defence was shocking
  5. Personally I don't have a problem with Page going on loan. We have plenty of defenders but it a Jennings type midfielder we badly need.
  6. Just had to endure 2 days at work with 4 of the most bigoted, gloating, glory-hunting, orc h*n cnuts I have ever had the (dis)pleasure of knowing. 1 of them I've known for nearly 20 years and I used to think he was an OK guy. Unfortunately he has now shown his true colours so he can fcuk off along with the rest of them.
  7. 1-1 Higdon for us. Hooper for them. I really hope the players are up for this
  8. Good day out. Scrappy game in parts but 3 points in the bag. Agree with other posters that Henrik made the diffrence. Cracking header by Higgy for his 2nd, can't wait to see it on the highlights
  9. Is it just the POD that's open tonight?
  10. wellmanandy


    Higdon but it was a close run thing between him, Randolph and Kerr
  11. I got a ticket for the Rapid game today when I was in getting my CL ticket. I work in Grangemouth at the refinery so I'll just do a couple of hours OT then head to the match. Looking forward to it
  12. Thanks and good luck to Stephen Craigan. Always gave 110% for the team. One of the few that can genuinely be described as a Motherwell legend. All the best for the future
  13. That jambos thread is comedy gold. What a bunch of twats
  14. I thought Hutch had another solid game today. He must be on the radar for other (bigger) clubs now
  15. wellmanandy

    St Johnstone

    Chris Humphrey by a mile. Also good solid games by Law and Murphy. Hopefully the goal will boost Murphy's confidence

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