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    http://www.vavel.com/author.php Create an account here and then you can start. Use photos and tags in your news. Cheers.
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    http://www.vavel.com/en/uk-football/scottish-premier-league/motherwell-fc/156603-well-done.html First article about Motherwell by a Well fan on Vavel. Congrats Mr Paterson. Keep up with the good work. Can't understand why there's 5 Dundee United players. They've got a player more than the Champions! No Motherwell players even though they are third... I wonder how the Arabs are 4th with all these top class players.
  3. the Spanish equivalent might be Gilipollas hahaha You owe me some pence for this express Spanish language basics class lol
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    How many posts aproximately? I'll have to spend more time here to inform myself about the team then haha Have a nice day, greetings from Catalonia!
  5. I knew that Motherwell played against Breidablik, Aalesund and Odense, in fact I cheered on them as I do with every Scottish team (except Rangers). I didn't write the piece, indee it was written by Alex O'Henley. I can't correct all things in the web. I corrected that a few hours ago. If you want you can join our team and write about Motherwell each week (or when you prefer) send me an email. I'm trying to be polite and I'd like to get a bit more of respect. "It's pish" is not the type of argument that I'd like to have with someone that has read the page, maybe an "you could improve these parts as they are wrong" would be better. Sorry if my English isn't perfect. I'm practising it a lot so I can improve. By the way I'm Catalan haha not Spanish at all.
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    We are an Internet Newspaper (vavel.com/en) whose principles are based around plurality, freedom of speech and giving difusion to authors who want to prove themselves in front of our readers . We prefer being objective rather than being hooligans. That's why I'm contacting with you. Our page wants real quality. We want people whose vast knowledge will be successful with our readers, while their style can fit into our system. Faith, strength, unity to get through adversity, character, objectivity, these are some words that still mean something to us. Some words that are no longer important in journalism. Just look at the state of press around you. The Sun, News of The World, Daily Record, Daily Mail,etc. Whatever paper you prefer ... They are governed by some owners whose interests lie around money, they just don't need to inform the people around them. We still dream that these people demand something different. We hope that they are angry with the state things are in. We want them to be the biggest critics of society. We think that these things are important, so people deserve to be given something better, they need better journalism. That's why I'm saying you all this stuff, in the hope that you'll join us, write with us and, through your work, make the word "journalist" a respected one, once again. I am a regular follower of the SPL and I think that some of you could be really useful in our Motherwell section. In vavel (www.vavel.com) we are now the sixth most read newspaper in SPAIN (in Internet) and we want to start climbing positions in the UK. We want to reduce the gap with the leaders there. We just want you to be part of the process. Send me a message if you have any interest. www.vavel.com/en That's the English version. Opinions on that? What things would you improve? Thanks to all the Motherwell family.
  7. Why?? Join us if you think you'd do better. We are open to all people interested in writing for us about their team My mail [email protected] or my twitter account @JaumePortell if you want some more information about joining us. 6th most read digital sports newspaper in Spain, we want to grow in the UK now.
  8. It will. Don't mind. If any of you want to write for this page send me an email to [email protected] We need Motherwell journalists. I'm a Celtic fan by the way. I hope that won't cause any problem haha
  9. http://www.vavel.com/en/uk-football/scottish-premier-league/154072-motherwell-qualify-for-the-champions-league-for-the-first-time.html Interesting news. Hopefully Motherwell will have a good performance in the next CL but some though rivals are waiting ... Braga, Shakhtar,etc. and Spanish, Italian teams in the following round... Difficult task to say the least.

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