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  1. Has there ever been a season where there has been such a dearth of POTY candidates? Nobody has played as well or contributed as much in the 2nd half of the season as Tony Watt did in the 1st. I think Kelly is a great keeper but I would say that his high standards have slipped a bit of late. Take those 2 out and you are really struggling. Cornelius is a shoe in for young player but jeez, it's a struggle making a case for anyone else for the awards
  2. Am I alone in thinking this was an outcome of the manager's making? Both Mugabi and McGinley haven't played for weeks and yet both start. Now poor as O'Donnell has been this season, he is a more natural right back than Bevis ever will be. We set up with four central defenders and someone who couldn't defend at a Primary 5 kick about. See a back 5, Donnelly and Cornelius having to cover the whole middle of the park and 3 up front? Doomed from the start. To blame Collum is the easy answer. We all know he's an absolute imposter of a ref but I think we all know, the answer lies closer to home. We are a team going nowhere with GA at the helm.
  3. Is GA another one who comes North and thinks the Scottish game is a piece of piss? He had zero knowledge of SPFL football when appointed and I am concerned he doesn't seem to understand that the first thing you have to do in games here is to match your opponents workrate and win individual battles. Not for the first time this season, we did neither today. Against Rangers/Celtic it is a big ask and yes, they have better quality players. Check out the games against others though and we really don't match up too well in terms of possession, corners won and goal attempts. My point is, if we upped the effort and won a few more tackles, the other elements follow. We are too defensive and allow teams too much time to play their game. Today was a very sore bloody nose but look at previous managers record v Rangers. Not exactly great reading either. We lose too many goals (last 4 games have been at least 2) and when the general opinion is that Alexander is defensive minded, that's even more worrying. Don't know what the answer is, but then I'm not getting paid the big bucks to be the boss...
  4. Absolutely dire today. Alexander's sole objective is to secure enough points to stay in the league. If we sneak into the Top 6 - bonus. It is going to be a helluva bumpy road this season with zero football played. Is that going to be acceptable to the majority of Well fans? Not sure...
  5. No re take? Just watched a replay of the Celtic pen and it does show goalie had both feet off line. No retake.....who's the ref??? The one and only Boaby Madden. You couldn't make this shit up...
  6. Is it really that bad (or surprising) that we lost the last 3 games? Played 2 of the top 3 teams away from home and the other against Celtic who we haven't beat at home for God knows how long? Defeat at home to St Mirren on Weds would deffo start the alarm bells ringing so that really does become a must win.
  7. McGinley should be nowhere near the starting 11 next week. Honking today..
  8. Kelly definitely at fault again. This is becoming a bit of a worrying trend ...
  9. Midfield is all wrong. Slattery concedes too many fouls and is a certain yellow every game. Goss got on the end of a ball in for his early chance but done nowt since and Grimmy? He's contributed zilch as well and looks like a rabbit caught on the headlights most of the time. Need to get O'Hara on pronto and see if he can make a difference
  10. Slattery beaten way too easily by Mulgrew and O' Donnell loses his man at the back post. Bad, bad goal. But we have had a couple of decent chances and Ojala maybe bit unlucky to have his "goal" chopped off. Utd been ok but not great, so hopefully can turn it around 2nd half
  11. Charlie Mulgrew playing winger, takes the piss and crosses for a free header. Shite goal all round
  12. Seriously, WTF with these short corners all of the time?
  13. If we're being objective, then I don't think anyone will be surprised at this result. We have been getting results without playing particularly well and was only a matter of time before our good fortune ran out. Hearts won comfortably after those 2 (cheap) goals. All things considered, cannot be too unhappy with the start we've made. Midfield remains a concern though ..
  14. All the talk of "a run" is laughable. The harsh reality is that we only managed to overcome 2 part time sides. We were finally able to get on top of Glentoran when they went down to 10 men and the Coleraine game was won when our goalie pulled off heroics in a penalty shootout in a game we almost threw away. HBS was a winnable tie but again, crazy defending and poor decision making undone some decent play. We are nowhere good enough to cut it against decent European sides. All this "streetwise" guff is a smokescreen to cover up some rank rotten performances. Carson and Campbell apart, I am struggling to name anyone else who can be pleased with their efforts in the 3 games
  15. Bigi seems to be getting fitter and better with the more game time he gets under his belt. He’s going to be an important player for us this season with his dead ball prowess.

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