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  1. I feel ashamed about this but... Davie Cooper. I thought he was past it and we would roll him out for a crucial penalty or free kick. Glad to have been so very wrong!
  2. Other thing to think about is that it is highly unlikely that any money would be paid in full up front. So if it was £3m, it's likely to be 3 payments of £1m over 3 season for example.
  3. Except they should either always be booked or never be booked. Rogic wasn't booked for going into the crowd after he scored winner against us. Personally if players run to or into their own supporters its fine by me, different if they run to the opposition.
  4. Yes he did - he got all 5 of the goals that they scored
  5. During the Euros players were celebrating with the crowd and not getting booked, I had hoped they had relaxed that stupid rule. As long as its your own fans whats the problem? The authorities seem to want to remove all the joy from the game. (Admittedly our players can sometimes do that on their own!).
  6. Spot on. We can't pay players what we can't afford, and if they move on and we get compensation (or a transfer fee), then that's fine.
  7. I didn't get an email , but loads of tweets about it from Well Society.
  8. Sorry, did someone say something?
  9. That means we should have all our games at home as we are higher seeds than all the other teams. The seeding was to keep last season's Premiership teams apart, nothing else as far I am aware.
  10. I think there was a panic set in that we were going to go (straight) down and that's how they decided to try and prevent it. I guess if Johnson goes for a decent fee it would compensate somewhat. As for current budgets I agree with what you are saying. It might mean we don't get in the same the level of player, but with decent coaching and hopefully youth players coming through we should be able to achieve a minimum of 10th, and you never know we might win a couple of cup games, or sell a player for some money!
  11. 88 appearances (all competitions) 8 goals. Mind you about 80 of those were from the bench!
  12. Yes he was. I thought he was excellent.
  13. I didn't see it properly either from my seat in East stand and wondered what was going. I thought we only had ball boys behind the goals, so didn't realise that could have happened.

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