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  1. As I posted last night I faced the pie stand so feck them all. greater than great result too. Xxxxx.
  2. If my granny had baws dont worry, be happy im just back home in larky and the locals bought me some beers. Double celebrations but only our result matters to me xxxxx
  3. we are the welk from the ton mate. Well done the well xxxxx
  4. Class netherton boy, feckin class mate. He is a ginger shunky.
  5. Feck the tic and my face will be facing the pie shop with my arse facing the ginger one if the gaurds hold the swords up. Fuck the soap dodging tatty howking ceunts and all that follow them and that they stand for. Sorry if that seems a bit strong:))
  6. I used to get up in the morning ,at 10 o'clock at night ,half an hour before I went to bed and when I woke up my dad would thrash me to sleep with his belt so work that one out:))
  7. Ya bezzers point is correct. I and 5 of my mates from as far north as sheep country and also edinburgh, all bought seadon tickets for this season, for the first time as we always used to pay at the gate. We all decided to put our money in at the start of the season to try and abate the loss of the h**s scenario. So , although gates nay be down, I still think we have more" paying" fans than disclosed. Also I still think the official attendance at home ganes is a lot less than the actual.
  8. Dont get to worried yet lads I was only commenting on ptobably our best keeper in my time? Hopefully randy stays tho:))
  9. Only two things to say-----keith mccrae:))
  10. What bridge mate cos ill come and save you cos you're. A good guy:)) don't do it:))
  11. Former players , from the70's onwards that are still with us, are having a doo before the Ross county game and I thought that if anyone, of my age or other , that was interested in having a signed proggie by all the fp's, would like one? Ill ask kirky lawson to go round the old team FP'S and get a signature! I suggest a £5 donation, which includes the proggie price, and if any of you want to suggest where the profits go, then batter in please! Ill see him tomorrow, give him enough money to buy progs, which they'll get free at the tables too and see what he thinks? Anyone interested? You can reply on this page or text me on 07801 973 898. I'm in larkhall but go to JD's before the game so can get found there. Ill donate to the most chosen charity on our behalf and stick a copy of the receipt on line and elsewhere as requested, any comments? We are the well:))
  12. We're eely just codding you on

Twitter @MotherwellFC