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  1. Deco's invaded more countries in europe than this cunt!
  2. Were you even at the game yesterday ? I probably say you werent because if you were the last thing youd be moaning about is my patter you inbred fuck
  3. All it does is create an atmosphere without it yesterday the game would have been like sharron osbourses tits ... flat
  4. So is paedophila but celtic are still scottish champions
  5. The boy that tried to shake mcfaddens got thrown out so for all you that are moaning about the smoke bomb being thrown at the stewards its ashame it didnt fucking hit him
  6. michael jackson touched weans , still has belting tunes
  7. after that comedy show last night i expect nothing less than the Mighty well to hump the H*ns ! there back four are ganting !

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