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  1. I'm sure I read somewhere (sometime) that there was an extra cost in producing the correct shades of C&A. Fine if you'll be selling thousands.... Personally, I'd like to see the on-line shop stock some things which fit someone older than twelve. Man cannot live by replica tops alone.
  2. All our sections will be singing ones before the end!! Believe! COYW!
  3. Website says Main's wrist isn't fractured. But judging by the injury list I'll bring my boots just in case.
  4. Of course, in that vintage year of 1991 we all bought white cup-final replica tops in advance of the big day only for The 'Well to win the toss and get to play in amber.
  5. Question asked because I noticed the current strip is listed as 2017/2018 and didn't know if (!) there was a new one planned. I'd buy a "cup-final special" (if a replica) but would then hate to see a new strip launched a few weeks later. Not everyone can afford both (or a double family load). New strip ahead of the final makes sense - pre-game sales "bounce", plus the regular pre-season sales and extras on the back of the victory. COYW!
  6. Anyone in the know as to whether the cup final strip will be the 2018/19 one? Or will we have to shell out for a "final" replica then a next-season job a couple of weeks later?
  7. MFC should retaliate and ban The Proclaimers from FP. Noisy, caterwauling, Hibee bar stewards.
  8. Can I bring my old wooden "rickety"? Or would that be seen as a potentially lethal weapon?
  9. Aye, who could ever forget the "Easter Road Pass"?
  10. If the DCHSBs don't get some semi-decent players in I can see them struggling in the Championship (is that what it's called now?) next season.
  11. Won't have a list of links until about 14.00 but will post if I find one that is working.
  12. Game is being streamed live on ye interweb (allegedly) according to one site I looked at.
  13. Don't forget the song for today: "Down to play the Rangers, yer goin' down to play the Rangers......" Ad infinitum.

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