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  1. Matthews has been playing very well but picked up a knock and at 17, you don't want to rush him back so he's slowly coming back into the team.
  2. The guys been everywhere on the park lately. His no nonsense attitude helps. Some silky skills to leave their winger just standing there. Hopefully he continues to take his chance and earn a regular slot. When he went to CH our young RB Adam Matthews who is wanted by United/Arsenal etc decided to go for a run from about half way in his own half and just shot over the bar. Heck of a run but very unlucky not to score.
  3. Been quiet lately on the Quinn situtation. Poor start but had some time out on the sidelines and now taken his chance at right back. Awesome the last few weeks and tonight was the crowds MOM even though the sponsors give it to Chris Burke! Played right back and centre half and also commanded a depleted team when down to 10 men. Our back 4 had a left winger and 3 full backs in there the last 20 minutes. Hopefully we get the same from him on the weekend for the jacks game!
  4. Forgot to tell you our new song for Mccormack O Ross of Scotland,when will we see, your likes again, who came to sign for, the famous cardiff city, and scored against them,AGAIN,... the jack bastards, and sent them homewards, to there slumbs again Hasn't taken off yet but it's slowly starting to take note
  5. I'm sure through the season and towards the end of the season, we will be organising a few tournaments down here to raise some cash for our trust and local charities so maybe try get a team down or something for a weekend knees up. You like a drink, we like a drink = happy days Last tournament we helped with, it was just before Wales V Germany, we had two german teams playing and they brought 100 fans to the centre aswell. Atmosphere was awesome! These Germans now have 10 year old Cardiff city shirts and they give me their brand new Germany away kit
  6. How's things lads? You pleased with your start to the new season? You playing better than last year or is it too early to tell with a few different players to last season? Quinn is doing well for us. Bit rusty v Newcastle but solid on Wednesday v Reading. Info on other Scottish players. Burke on and off but class when he wants to be, Mccormack still on the sidelines, Mcnaughton still on the sidelines, Rae jus thimself - Decent but not consitant enough and obviously David Marshall - Class act, great keeper, commands the box well and very confident. All the best for the rest of the season lads, will still be popping on here for a chat from time to time. Also, hopefully try get both clubs to arrange a pre season game for next year either up at your place or down with us.
  7. The appreciation he had for his work rate, assists etc today was great. 22k shouting your name, not a bad feeling really
  8. It's even better, few mates of mine who are jacks are out
  9. Haha never liked either really. Right time to have a few more beers to celebrate a 4-0 win!
  10. It would be great, fuck Celtic & Rangers games! Proper scottish team please
  11. Well from watching him all pre season and today he looks a class act. Glad to have him from you. Scunthorpe were pish. 400 away fans for 1st league game of new season back in the championship!
  12. Cheers, if we keep this squad together and 2 more players in, I think we will do very well. Good luck yourselves. Hopefully a 'well fan knows staff at the club and a game can be sorted next pre season between the two clubs
  13. I'm not a big fan of Risdale but he did promise a new ground etc so well done on that and next week a big investment from Malaysia is on it's way. Langstone and PMG(Part owners) will be gone from what I heared. PMG are mainly rugby people so thank feck they will be gone!
  14. Rossco was himself = class act. All this stuff in the papers, not sure if it's him, the club, the press doing this to stir things up but we have a go at him for it, but whenever any player who puts the shirt of Cardiff on, they will never be booed. He set up 2 very well worked goals and wasn't far from scoring a few himself. We won 4-0 but it should have been around 7/8-0
  15. Fairplay, Quinn is a top player. Very solid and liked to get forward. The winger against him today had no chance at all. Top performance and looking forward to seeing more performances like this off the lad

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