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  1. Only if we get Jocky Scott (and his jetpack) in as well.
  2. What gets me is the seeming lack of due diligence. We sign players who have had a long list of injuries - on one year contracts. Or players who will take three months to get up to speed - on one year contracts. Or ex-internationalists who are two stones overweight. And injured. The ability might not be in question, but their utility to us is questionable, at best. We also sign players who are good at something, but can't fit into our pattern of play. It seems that the remit of recruitment is just to find players, not to find guys who will be up and fitting in in August.
  3. Did you tick the "Accept conditions" box? I got stuck on that
  4. Just to add to the "use wires" advice. My Chromebook - and probably lots of stripped down machines - doesn't have a hole for it. I bought an RJ45 to USB adapter and it works well. Price is under a fiver online. Probably a bit more for a USB-C model. I haven't tried our streaming, but it is generally a lot better than my crap wifi.
  5. Yeah, thanks for the link. It would be a better article if it didn't have John Sutton playing. For Celtic.
  6. I don't often post, but I always feel that the time to comment on a referee is after a win. Similar to Andy P, I could not believe that Ikpeazu got through that game without - by my count - five bookings. And, as I write, Seedorf got second on Sky's goal of the day. Guess I know hee haw.
  7. Just saw the disallowed goal on SSN. I was at the game, but obviously had a different view from Willie C. Yeah, Levein is right - all refs have it in for Hearts. If he is so much in favour of improving standards, then he will acknowledge that this was another dreadful decision. Anyone holding their breath?
  8. I, for one, thought that McHugh had a good game. County had a lot of monsters in their team, but he stood up to them and won more than his share of defensive headers. Certainly, there are still big flaws in his decision making, and he still lingers far too long on the ball, but his destructive play on Wednesday was very good. I can't defend his Hollywood passes. But, maybe, taking away the need to attempt them will benefit him so that we can see last season's player?
  9. Listening to Sportscene right now. Did I imagine Louis Moult getting elbowed and made to leave the field with a blood injury? Must have done, because none of the experts has mentioned it. And Thompson, did he not elbow Stevie Hammell in the coupon in a final. Hypocritical, slevering ...
  10. But we didn't get the breaks against Inverness. We got a dubious goal after they got a goal that definitely was invalid. Of course, you couldn't tell that from the footage that the BBC decided to show, but the lad was clearly offside. I can't wait to see how it evens up over the course of a season.
  11. Not really got a view on this. But I stay just off Easter Road, so I'm going.

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